Opinion: How Marvel’s Avengers Was Always Meant As A Tie-in to The MCU


Unlike Radioactive Spiderbites, This Was No Accident

Marvel's Avengers

The MCU has been a powerhouse of IPs that’s been building upon itself since 2008. From those early Avengers movies to Black Panther and Captain Marvel, Marvel is a company that knows how to weave different characters together. This is why I believe they used the same method with Marvel’s Avengers and Kevin Feige’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now I’ve been covering Marvel’s Avengers pretty extensively here at Hey Poor Player – including every update, every character build, and new campaigns, such as Kate Bishop and Clint Barton’s new Hawkeye DLCs (the latter of which just released today). Now, the reason I bring this up is that there seems to be a pattern with the characters that were chosen for release and upcoming MCU properties. I believe that Marvel’s Avengers was meant to be a platform for introducing new MCU properties to the wider audience… even though the game performed less-than-expected in sales.


How It Coincides With MCU Releases

Marvel's Avengers


Now, because of the pandemic, much of Marvel’s original goals for the MCU release dates had gotten delayed or rescheduled. Some of the original for phase 4 in 2020 was the release of Black Widow, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and WandaVision, followed by the 2021 releases of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Thor: Love and Thunder, concluding with the release of Black Panther 2 in 2022.

Why this matters is because almost each and every one of those superheroes was a playable or secret character hidden in Marvel’s Avengers the game discovered as datamined characters. While Black Widow, Spider-Man, and Black Panther were all publicly known popular IPs to be featured in Marvel’s Avengers either now or in a future date and time, what the datamine revealed were some surprising characters that have all seemingly either made a newly announced TV deal or are future character plans that are part of the bigger MCU. 


It’s All About Introducing The Ladies

Marvel's Avengers


Now, Scarlet Witch and Vision are the obvious hidden characters planned for release along with the Falcon and Winter Soldier, as all of these characters were already planned Disney+ TV series. However, at Disney’s past investor day back in December of 2020, the company conference also revealed Armor Wars, an Iron Man spinoff that will feature Rhoddy, AKA Warmachine, as the main character. Uncoincidentally, the company then made a public announcement for Hawkeye, a future Disney+ TV show in the works featuring both Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, who are the two main characters for the Marvel Avenger’s DLC. 

Now if that weren’t enough evidence, there’s also a She-Hulk TV series in the works, starring Tatiana Maslany and Mark Ruffalo as Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner. However, what’s most revealing about this supposed plan is the casting and announcement of none other than Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan’s upcoming TV series. That’s right: the same Kamala Khan who is the main character of the entire Marvel’s Avengers videogame. 

Every single one of these characters listed are either playable characters in Marvel’s Avengers or were, at some point in time, possibly planned characters and/or DLC. This is why I firmly believe Marvel’s Avengers was always meant to be a game to serve as a launching platform for the upcoming MCU property, and if anything, a way for Marvel audiences to test the waters with what’s to come.


What Comes Next?

Marvel's Avengers

Kind of hoping it’s leading to Insomniac’s Spider-Men leading the way for Marvel-related video games


The MCU is bigger than ever and is only expected to grow once the Pandemic recedes. Now, with a hit TV streaming platform that rivals the subscription numbers of Netflix, as well as a powerhouse movie franchise, it makes sense as to why Marvel videogames are seeking to expand as Disney’s next big venture for Marvel. Marvel’s Avengers was the game looking to tap into that audience, but whether it accomplishes this is something that remains to be seen

But what are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below. We’re also going to start covering more media at Hey Poor Player. I’ll be personally covering Falcon and Wintersoldier all season long right here, so feel free to check those out as well.

A screenplay and comic book writer who grew up on playing everything Blizzard and Final Fantasy, Christian is a part-time entertainment journalist who covers just about everything. He loves attending conventions, meeting fellow creatives, and of course, gaming.

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