HuniePop 2: Double Date Jessie Favorites Guide

Hey Jessie, it feels like a party every day

HuniePop 2 Jessie

You know, I really like Jessie.HuniePop 2: Double Date’s version of this MILF has really grown on me. I think it’s because she has a lot more depth this time around — before, she was just “the porn star/mom” but now she’s battling some real demons that are totally normal, and handling them in a logical yet self-destructive way. Like yeah, it’s not great that her favorite drink is just alcohol, and it’s kinda sad that all she’s seeking at this life is just acceptance, considering what she can command, but still — she has layers. Here’s to hoping she has a lovely vacation on Inna de Poona and that she returns home able to patch things up with her daughter. All I want is happiness for this gal!

Jessie’s Favorites Guide

Huniepop 2 Jessie Gifts

Here are Jessie’s favorite things (along with who shares her interests):

Dates: Abia, Brooke, Lailani, Lola

Drink: Alcohol (Brooke)
Ice Cream Flavor: Mint (Lola)
Music Genre: Country (Abia)
Movie Genre: Romance (Lailani)
Online Activity: Porn (Abia)
Phone App: Ride Sharing (Brooke)
Type of Exercise: None (Brooke)
Outdoor Activity: Sex (Abia)
Theme Park Ride: Lazy River (Lailani)
Friday Night: Out Drinking (Lola)
Sunday Morning: Masturbate (Abia)
Weather: Cold & Snowy (Lola)
Holiday: Christmas (Brooke)
Pet: Cat (Lola)
School Subject: History (Lola)
Place to Shop: Shoe Store (Brooke)
Trait in Partner: Acceptance (Lailani)
Own Body Part: Boobs (Brooke)
Sex Position: Oral (Lillian)
Porn Category: Vanilla (Lailani)


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