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HuniePop 2 Achievements

In case you missed the news, HuniePop 2: Double Date’s v1.0.5 update marks the introduction of Steam achievements to the game. For players just starting to take their vacations on Inna de Poona, welcome aboard — the achievements will be unlocked as you earn them. For those of us who have been playing since before March 10, update your game and you should see the achievements that you’ve earned deposited retroactively. NOTE — you can only earn achievements on Average Guy/Girl and Fem/Incel difficulties, so if you’ve been playing on Chad/Stacy difficulty or you switched to Chad/Stacy difficulty during the Nymphojinn battle, you’re SOL and the achievements won’t be unlocked. Womp womp.

Need help getting all 20 achievements — including the four secret ones? We got you covered!

Natural Progress Achievements

HuniePop 2 Achievements

As you play HuniePop 2: Double Date, you should be able to unlock these easily as you go — as long as you’re playing on Average Guy/Girl or Fem/Incel difficulty, of course. Reminder that playing on Chad/Stacy difficulty won’t yield any achievements!

  • Unchaste: Earn your first pair of fairy wings.
  • Debauchery: Collect enough fairy wings to summon the Nymphojinn.
  • Savior: Return the Nymphojinn to a satisfied slumber.
  • Hikikomori: Earn a 100% completion rate.

Gameplay/Date Achievements

HuniePop 2 Review

These HuniePop 2 achievements are difficult to obtain at first glance, but not impossible — especially considering the fact you can earn these on Average Guy/Girl difficulty. Just remember to keep maxing out the girls’ passion and style levels through gifting, and check out this Steam guide on how to obtain the Quickie achievement for more info on that one in particular.

  • Quickie: Successfully complete a date with at least 20 moves remaining.
  • Fill ‘Er Up: Successfully complete a date with both girls having maxed out passion, sentiment and stamina.
  • Like It Rough: Successfully complete a date wherein the girls become exhausted or upset at least 8 times between them.
  • Smooth Move: Earn 5000 or more affection from a single token match.

Quick and Hard Achievements

HuniePop 2 Achievements

You thought the other HuniePop 2 achievements were hard? These definitely take the difficulty level up a notch — literally. Two of these can be earned on Average Guy/Girl difficulty, but the other two will need to be collected while playing on Fem/Incel difficulty. When going for Unchaste with Haste, rumor has it you’ll have more luck with Lillian and Ashley’s pairing.

  • Unchaste With Haste: Earn your first pair of fairy wings within one in-game day.
  • Debauchery Without Delay: Collect enough fairy wings to summon the Nymphojinn within 15 in-game days.
  • Super Savior: Return the Nymphojinn to a satisfied slumber on Incel/Femcel (Hard) difficulty.
  • Hyper Hikikomori: Earn a 100% completion rate on Incel/Femcel (Hard) difficulty.

Post-Coitus Achievements

HuniePop 2 Achievements

In order to obtain these HuniePop 2 achievements, you’ll need to defeat the Nymphojinn first (again, on Average Guy/Girl or Fem/Incel difficulty). After that, you can initiate a Non-Stop date from the hotel room; Alpha Mode dates are automatically added to the regular dating area and can’t be turned off.

  • Alpha Apprentice: Successfully complete 8 Alpha Mode dates.
  • Alpha Adept: Successfully complete 24 Alpha Mode dates.
  • Non-Stop Novice: Successfully complete a Non-Stop date of 8 or more rounds.
  • Non-Stop Ninja: Successfully complete a Non-Stop date of 16 or more rounds.

Secret Achievements

HuniePop 2 Achievements

If you’re worried about running all over the game looking for secret spaces for hidden achievements, don’t be — these HuniePop 2 achievements aren’t hard to get at all. Three of them are granted after completing the game (just be sure to choose a different reward each time), while one of them is perhaps the easiest achievement of all.

  • Dome Devotee: Select the “top” reward from Kyu for saving the universe.
  • Cookie Connoisseur: Select the “middle” reward from Kyu for saving the universe.
  • Booty Pirate: Select the “bottom” reward from Kyu for saving the universe.
  • Secret Code: Enter a special, secret code in the menu screen (PUZZLES & TITTIES)


And there you have it! All the HuniePop 2 achievements and how to get them. Do you have any tips or tricks for the gameplay achivements, such as Quickie or Smooth Move? Let us know in the comments below!


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