HuniePop 2: Double Date All Gifts Guide

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HuniePop 2 gifts

It seems there’s only one real love language in HuniePop 2: Double Date, and that’s gift-giving. Oh sure, you’re spending quality time together and whispering a whole lotta sweet nothings, but the way to really get to a girl’s heart is through your wallet. Your fruit wallet. Full of fruit that bursts forth from the girls chests. Fruit that the girls don’t eat, but you can purchase food with said fruit that they will eat instead. Listen, not a lot about this game makes much sense, but it’s fun and addicting, and honestly, that’s all that matters.

While on the topic of gifts, you’ve probably run into a ton of foods, plushies, makeup, flowers, and jewelry. You may also have noticed shoes and other unique items, such as toddler toys, booze, and purses. Not sure what to do with any of it? We’re here to help!

Gifts galore!

HuniePop 2 Gifts

First, let’s talk about the different types of gifts:

Food: There are a ton of different food items to give to the girls while you’re talking to them, like fried chicken, corn, cupcakes, and lobster. Each food item you give to a girl will help you out on dates, like raising their passion or sentiment, but be aware that you can’t just stuff them silly — if you’ve already fed each girl, they’re likely to not be hungry for more until later. It’s worth mentioning that some items give boosted effects depending on their favorite trait, such as Lola, Brooke, and Zoey with sushi, so be on the lookout for their effects. Also worth noting that gifting food will cost a stamina point (save for food that grants stamina), so don’t talk their ear off before feeding them. Foods will spoil after a day, so be sure to gift them out before they disappear!

Date Gifts: If you were paying attention to the tutorial, date gifts are items that you buy in advance and give to the girls while on dates. These include jewelry, souvenirs, plushies, flowers, and more. These gifts will have effects while in the date portion of HuniePop 2, such as removing broken heart tokens from the board or increasing the chance of specific tokens appearing on the board. Before each date, go to the gift section and drag the gift to an empty box under the girl’s face icon; this will make it available while on dates. To replace an existing gift, just drag the new one to the old one’s box and it will automatically replace it. Each gift will cost a set amount of sentiment in the date, so you’ll have to make some sentiment matches before you’re able to dole out the date gifts.

HuniePop 2 smoothies

Smoothies: Smoothies are different than food in that they raise each girl’s affection levels for different traits. Each girl most strongly prefers the smoothie that matches with their favorite affection token, and giving them one that matches their preference will yield two experience points for that trait. Any other type of smoothie will grant the girl one experience point for that trait. Affection levels max out at level five; once all girls max out their affection levels, the smoothies will stop appearing in the store. Once a girl’s affection token reaches level five, matches for that trait will yield five times the normal amount of points in the dating portion of the game. Note that giving a smoothie will cost one stamina point, so don’t chat up the girls too much before it’s smoothie time.

Unique Gifts: Perhaps you’ve noticed some random gifts that stand out against the rest in that they don’t really seem to stick to a theme. A voodoo doll, a guitar, or a pacifier may appear with a note to gift the item to “an angsty teen” or “a snow bunny.” These items are unique to each girl (hence “unique gifts”), so it’s a bit of a guessing game figuring out who gets what item. There are four total unique gifts for each girl, and giving them all four will raise their passion level. Reaching the max passion level, level nine, will increase the recipient’s affection match multiplier by up to six times, so be sure to be on the lookout for those gifts!

Shoes: If there’s one thing the store has plenty of — especially at the beginning — it’s shoes. Not all shoes are equal, however; some girls will prefer certain ones above all others, so just like the unique gifts, you’ll need to match the slipper to the Cinderella. There are four pairs of shoes per girl, and giving them all four will raise their style level. Reaching the max style level, level nine, means there will be an extremely high chance of generating a power token on big affection token matches, so don’t skip shoe shopping!


Please note that, if playing HuniePop 2: Double Date on Normal or Fem/Incel Modes, each girl’s Baggage may affect Date Gift giving; as such, we’ve included their respective baggage on their pages for your reference.

Choose your girl to get started on this HuniePop 2 All Gifts Guide:

Abia Nawazi

Ashley Rosemarry

Brooke Belrose

Candace “Candy” Crush

Denise “Zoey” Greene

Jessie Maye

Lailani Kealoha

Lillian Aurawell

Lola Rembrite

Nora Delrio

Polly Bendleson

Sarah “Suki” Stevens


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