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Let this At Dead of Night Walkthrough light these dark halls…

“At Dead of Night is one of the few FMV games I’ve really seen ‘get it right.’ It’s arguably one of the best FMV games ever created and a solid horror experience. Whether you’re a horror game veteran or a total coward, At Dead of Night will delight just about anyone who comes across the title.”

— Hey Poor Player’s At Dead of Night Review

At Dead of Night is a spooky, scary point and click adventure that mixes FMV with CGI into one terrifying tale. After Maya and her friends check into the Sea View Hotel, the proprietor, Jimmy, goes on a psychopathic rampage and torments his innocent guests. Maya’s only means of escape is confronting Jimmy with his darkest secrets, gained by speaking with the spirits that still haunt the place through a special device. Of course, wandering the halls without giving up the ghost can be pretty difficult with Jimmy on the loose, and progress is sometimes slow-going because of his antics.

Luckily, we’ve already spoken with every ghost, freed our friends, and escaped Jimmy’s murderous clutches unscathed — and we’re happy to help others do the same in our At Dead of Night walkthrough. Here’s how we navigated the twisty, turny haunted hallways of Sea View Hotel, found every ghost and clue, and saved our skins.

At Dead of Night Basics

At Dead of Night Hotel

Let’s start off this At Dead of Night walkthrough with some basic tips about gameplay:

Keyboard shortcuts: If you’re trying to avoid getting bonked (highly recommend), you’re going to want to memorize these keyboard shortcuts:

  • ALT + F4: Closes the game without saving
  • SHIFT + S: Quick save
  • D: Dips the music/ambient noises


You’ll want to quick save frequently; it’s recommended to do so every time you’re about to leave a room. It’s wise to also quick save after Jimmy leaves the room, but only if you’re positive he has actually left (he will sometimes hide in the bathroom). Dipping the sound is helpful when you’re trying to listen for footsteps, so be sure to use this if you’re in the hallways and can’t figure out his position. Finally, Alt + F4 forcequits the game without saving, which is helpful if you’ve been bonked by the Jimster. If you don’t immediately exit out before everything goes black, the game will save and you’ll have to search for your device and potentially other items all over again, which is a hassle to say the least.

Subtitles and sound assistance: Even if you are not hard at hearing, I highly recommend turning on both subtitles and sound assistance. Subtitles will help you remember which clues pair with which sightings better, and sound assistance tells you how close or far away Jimmy is when he walks. If he’s nearby, the words “Jimmy can be heard walking quickly” will appear on screen, letting you know he’s gunning for you. Note that it only tells you information on how far away he is based on his footsteps and not his voice, so don’t rely on sound assistance to tell you his location based on his taunts.

Using the device: When it comes to using the ghost and spirit voice receiver (device), you’ll need to see a vision first before you’ll have someone to speak with. Randomly using the device throughout the hotel will yield no results, so be sure you know there’s been a vision in that area before turning it on and using your voice. The device can always be found on the First Floor store room next to the bathrooms.

Scrying Mirror

Scrying mirror: The scrying mirror is used to see what you need to do next, such as where to see the next vision or find the next item, and can only be used in dark areas. Use it in one of the hotel rooms by the door or in the kitchen on the Ground Floor. They come in duplicate and spawn at random throughout the hotel rooms.

Compass: The compass points to the nearest spirit sighting, but with a catch — it ignores the floor you’re on. So if you’re on the first floor and you know the only sighting you’re missing is on the third floor, you can ignore the compass. If you were following it correctly and it immediately starts pointing behind you, chances are you need to turn around to witness the next vision. They come in duplicate and spawn at random throughout the hotel rooms.

Collectable objects / items: Everything spawns at random throughout the game (save for the device), so there’s really no guide that can help you pinpoint specific items. To test this, compare any YouTuber’s playthrough against another’s and you’ll see they come across the same items in different rooms. If you’re missing something, it’s best to use the scrying mirror to find it. Note that you’ll never find an item in a dark room, and a flashlight will never be an item you’ll come across at any point. Also worth noting that you’ll never find an item on the Ground Floor, and only one item late in the game on the Lower Ground Floor.

Keys as quick access: Time is of the essence in At Dead of Night, so you’ll need to make sure you have all your keys at the ready at any given moment. Click on the book icon and click the category until it filters to show keys only. That way, you’re not fumbling through all your items when Jimmy is trying to gain access into your hiding spot.

at dead of night

Visions: There are several spirits that haunt the halls of Sea View Hotel, and they make their presence known through flickering lights, sounds, and, ultimately, visions. Once you see a vision, a spirit is hanging around the area and can be spoken to about various items or other visions. Once you have paired the correct item with the spirit’s most recent vision, a hint will be given about the next vision’s location, and the spirit will disappear.

Flickering lights: Sometimes you will need to trigger visions that are in the hallways instead of rooms. If you’re moving around too quickly, the vision won’t trigger, so if you see flickering lights just wait a moment to see if the vision starts. If not, you may need to witness the vision from a different angle or go into a room nearby.

Noises: If you’re hearing random noises, such as pounding on doors or crying, you’ll know a spirit is nearby and that a vision can be triggered in that area. It’s worth noting that these sounds will be different than the occasional clanking of Jimmy’s bat against the walls or Jimmy’s laughter. Later on in the game, Jimmy will turn on the radio on different floors as a way to distract Maya/muffle his sounds, so be sure to utilize the D button to dip the sound to listen for his footsteps.

Speaking with spirits: When speaking with a spirit after seeing a vision, you’ll need to first ascertain if anyone is there by using the device, then ask their name. You can then ask them about items to gain information and lead you to the correct pairing. If you ask about an item related to them, they’ll tell you more about it; in contrast, an unrelated item or an incorrect pairing will cause the ghost to start trailing off. Three strikes and you’re out, meaning the spirit will stop talking to you for a little while. To avoid this, stop talking to the spirit after two wrong guesses, then turn in any direction and initiate a conversation again. It will reset the counter, so you can continue speaking with the spirit again.

Hiding in guest rooms: Jimmy can burst into rooms that haven’t been deadlocked from the inside, so it’s a good idea know how best to hide in them. First, never hide in a dark room — there’s only a bathroom in these rooms, and Jimmy is highly likely to catch you if you’re in there. If you hide in the bathroom in a well-lit room, there’s a 50/50 chance he’ll catch you or just leave. Instead of taking your chances, hide in the wardrobe; it seems counter-intuitive since you leave the door slightly ajar, but you’re safer in there.

At Dead of Night

Hiding in store rooms: You can hide in Store Rooms, but it’s not recommended unless you have a key. If Jimmy is trying to ambush you, he’ll turn off the lights before bursting in and bonking you. It’s worth noting that, since you don’t have a peephole in the Store Rooms, it’s hard to see which way Jimmy has gone, so you’ll have to dip the sound and listen for his footsteps before safely exiting. There’s one Store Room on the Second Floor that connects to another Store Room (the one between rooms 220 and 216), so if you’re being followed by Jimmy, you can make a clean break that way.

Locking Jimmy in rooms: Believe it or not, you can lock Jimmy inside rooms as long as you have the deadlock key to that room. If he didn’t suddenly burst into the room you’re hiding in, call out to him to lure him inside the room. When you’re sure he’s coming for you (sometimes it takes a few tries), turn around and wait for him to start fumbling with the lock. You want to time it so that he sees you go into the wardrobe, which *should* make him go into the bathroom. When you hear the door close, he’s either in the bathroom or in the hallway outside. Dip the sound to try to listen for him — if you don’t hear his taunts or footsteps, he’s in the bathroom, so RUN to the door, run outside, turn around quickly, and lock him in. This will lock him in the room and give you just enough time to get to the elevator safely before he picks the lock and starts roaming the hallways again.

Safe areas: Jimmy is looking for you for the bulk of the game, but there are some areas where you’ll be safe from his clutches. The Ground Floor, Lower Ground Floor, and the stairwell are all Jimmy-free, so if you need a breather, head to one of those areas. Please note that you’ll need a key for each floor’s stairs to be able to access it, but once you unlock it, it’s unlocked for the remainder of the game (unless you get bonked, then bets are off).

Getting bonked: If you’ve been bonked by Jimmy, you’ll wake up in a completely different room than where you were. Before you get excited about being closer to the next item/vision, note that he’ll take your device and potentially other items from you, such as your scrying mirror, compass, and keys. This is where ALT + F4 comes in handy, as forcequitting as he’s bonking you (before everything goes black) will prevent the game from saving over your last quick save. If you’re trying to get all the achievements, the last thing you’ll want to do is get bonked.

More helpful tips: If you’re going on a no bonk run or want to get more in-depth information about exactly which shadows to watch out for or how to hone your timing perfectly, I highly recommend looking at these Steam guides by YouTuber ErderiTheFox and Steam user That Guy from Nearby for more information.

Got it? Good! Let’s continue onto the next page of this At Dead of Night walkthrough for floor maps and must-follow strategies for just starting out.

To jump to one of the spirits, click on their names below (not recommended if you haven’t gone through the initial exploration on the next page):

Amy Bell

Dr. Bose


Rose Hall

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