HuniePop 2: Double Date Zoey Questions Guide

I’m sensing a question…

HuniePop 2 Zoey Questions

HuniePop 2: Double Date’s Zoey is certainly interesting; she’s in touch with… something, so she can sense things others can’t, like love fairies and questions. In fact, her questions are completely different than all the others, as she senses another girl hanging around and describes them to the best of her abilities. Guessing correctly will yield some fruit, while guessing incorrectly gives you nothing. Want to win as much blue fruit as possible? Here’s our guide to help you out!

Here are the answers to HuniePop 2 Zoey’s Questions (in alphabetical order):

Q: A lack of meaning leaves a gap in this one’s life… a gap she tries to cover up with shallow distractions…
A: Sarah “Suki”

Q: A lost soul… confused about her place in the world, lashes out at the people who care for her most…
A: Lillian

Q: Despite an overwhelming amount of love in her life, she continues to seek acceptance from those closest.
A: Polly

Q: Growing ever more tired of life’s routine and monotony, she seeks…new challenges, and exciting risks…
A: Ashley

Q: I’m getting… images…images of… wait, is she going to fit that whole thing in there? It’s not possible!
A: Abia

Q: It’s a fear of being unremarkable that drives her forward… a desire to leave her mark on the world.
A: Lola

Q: It’s a past filled with hardship, and betrayal. This one’s walled herself off, to avoid being hurt again.
A: Nora

Q: No wait… I lost it. How peculiar… I was sensing thoughts for a moment, and now, nothing…
A: Candace “Candy”

Q: There’s a deep sadness, and much regret. She wishes she could start over, but fears it’s far too late…
A: Jessie

Q: There’s a fear… a fear of mortality… of growing old. She’ll stop at nothing to feel young once again.
A: Brooke

Q: There’s feelings of dislike… not towards others, no… towards herself. She views herself as below others.
A: Lailani


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