HuniePop 2: Double Date All Questions Guide

He says all the right things at exactly the right times

HuniePop 2 Questions Guide

Although questions were a bigger deal to get right in the first HuniePop game, that doesn’t mean they’re completely meaningless in HuniePop 2: Double Date. Back in the first game, you were randomly asked questions about each girl, quizzing you to see if you were paying attention; in the sequel, questions are more for light conversation with no penalty for giving the wrong answer. If you’re trawling for fruit to unlock the last few HuniePop 2 outfits, it’s sometimes faster to just use the finder to hop from pair to pair and just talk to the lovely ladies instead of taking them on full blown dates. If that’s your strategy, it’ll go by much more quickly when you know what the girls want you to say. Sociopathic? Yes. Understandable? Also yes — after all, this is a video game focused on a no-strings-attached series of threesomes, so it’s not like these 2D cuties are expecting you to tie the knot with them (well, except for Polly maybe).

For those wanting to get every last question right, we at Hey Poor Player have made a helpful HuniePop 2 Questions Guide so you can quickly get as much fruit as possible to unlock every last outfit. After all, don’t you want to see what’s in their closets? Some of those threads are as cute as the ladies, and they’ll look great when out on the town with you and another dimepiece!

Choose your girl to get started on this HuniePop 2 Questions Guide:

Abia Nawazi

Ashley Rosemarry

Brooke Belrose

Candace “Candy” Crush

Denise “Zoey” Greene

Jessie Maye

Lailani Kealoha

Lillian Aurawell

Lola Rembrite

Nora Delrio

Polly Bendleson

Sarah “Suki” Stevens


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