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HuniePop 2 Jessie Questions

HuniePop 2: Double Date’s Jessie has a lot going for her — and going on. She can feel time marching ever onwards and is saddened by the current state of her relationship with her daughter, but she’s pretty certain this vacation will help clear her mind of those things. When answering her questions, be sure not to completely butter her up, but don’t beat around the bush either — that middle ground will get you places with this MILF. Still lost? No worries — let our guide be your guide!

Here are the answers to HuniePop 2 Jessie’s Questions (in alphabetical order):

Q: Be honest… have you looked up any of my porn videos since we met?
A: I’d be lying if I said curiosity hasn’t gotten the best of me…

Q: Do you think I should quit smoking?
A: Secretly, I hope you don’t. It’s kinda sexy when you smoke.

Q: Have you ever thought about anything more than just sex between us?
A: I tried once but my mind went right back to sex.

Q: How much did you miss me over the past couple of years?
A: A lot, actually. I think about your tits pretty much every night before bed.

Q: I know you’ve had sex with a porn star, but have you ever had sex with a prostitute?
A: I’m not proud of it, but, I did pay for sex once in a moment of weakness.

Q: If she ever stops ignoring me, I’d love to introduce you to my daughter some day. Would you be okay with that?
A: Maybe some day… I don’t like to rush into anything too serious, you know?

Q: If you could have me at any age, how old would you want me to be?
A: Forty. If you ask me, women age like a fine wine.

Q: Should I get a face lift? I think it would really help my career if I was prettier.
A: If it’ll make you happy, then sure, why not? It can’t hurt.

Q: Sometimes I wonder… would I have been better off if I chose not to have my daughter?
A: That’s pretty f*cked up. How could you say that about your own daughter?

Q: What do you miss most about being a kid?
A: Not having to think about sex every waking moment of my f*cking life.

Q: What do you want to do with me that we haven’t already done?
A: I don’t know, how about just like… slow, intimate love making?

Q: Would you ever consider marrying someone who’s ten years older than you?
A: For the right woman, I’d be willing to overlook the age gap.


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