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One Thousand and One Questions

HuniePop 2 Abia Questions

HuniePop 2: Double Date’s Abia has a bonafide sex addiction something fierce. When she isn’t thinking about doing the deed, she’s talking about it; in fact, all her questions revolve around boinking in one way or another. When in doubt, put yourself in that overly horny kind of mindset and answer how a repressed young sex addict might — chances are you’ll hit the nail on the head. Still getting one or two wrong? Don’t worry, Hey Poor Player has you covered!

Here are the answers to HuniePop 2 Abia’s Questions (in alphabetical order):

Q: Do you like to put on music when you’re… with a girl?
A: I turn the volume all the way up so my neighbors can’t hear.

Q: Do you sleep naked, or with clothes on?
A: Totally nude! Nothing but my birthday suit!

Q: Have you ever been caught… p-playing with yourself before?
A: I’ll never forget the day my mom walked in on me…

Q: Have you ever watched very strange porn, but, ended up sort of… liking it?
A: I may have recently developed a water sports feitsh…

Q: How long can you go without needing to… you know… uhh, pleasure yourself?
A: My all time record is about six hours.

Q: How would you describe the taste of… a lady?
A: It tastes like a sweaty armpit smells.

Q: I can’t believe I’m asking you this, but umm… what do you do if you get horny at work?
A: I just go into the bathroom and take care of business.

Q: Is there anything that you WOULDN’T do… with a girl?
A: Nah, I’m pretty much game for anything.

Q: What are you thinking about right now?
A: Boobs, always boobs. Big ones, small ones, medium sized ones…

Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done while, uhh… having relations?
A: I hate to admit it, but… finishing too quickly.

Q: What’s your favorite… shall we say… adult, role play scenario?
A:Sex slavery, where she’s the slave and I’m the master.

Q: When you’re… uhh, m-making love…are you more dominate or submissive?
A: I prefer to take on the more dominate role.


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