Mother Music Revisited Album Releases Digitally for US/Canada Today

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mother music revisited

EarthBound/Mother fans and game music aficionados alike are undoubtedly familiar with EarthBound Beginnings‘s 1989 Mother arrangement album: a 10-song soundtrack featuring vocalized and instrumental remixes from the NES classic. We could review this album’s vast history and importance to the beloved series over the past thirty years — be it nostalgic Smash Bros. arrangements (seriously, sing along with Pollyanna‘s lyrics — it’s almost note-for-note!) or Ship to Shore’s successful Kickstarter localization — but the album’s next chapter arrives in a special once-in-a-blue-moon occasion for the elusive franchise: a sequel album released internationally for digital platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify!

Dubbed Mother Music Revisited, series composer Keiichi Suzuki celebrates his 50th music anniversary by rearranging his 1989 hits. (Again, this is based on the 1989 release, so series super-fans shouldn’t expect EarthBound‘s credits theme Smiles and Tears — a bonus track accompanying the 2004 reprint) Collaborating with other Japanese musicians such as Tomohiko Gondo, Yoko Ueno, Shuta Hasanuma, U-zhaan, and Yusuke Sato, these ten new arrangements revive familiar songs and lyrics alike into wild new directions, all which will certainly recall memories of speedy train rides and sprawling factories, fighting side-by-side with lonely geeks and burly Flying Men, tender love confessions unveiled in romantic dance sequences, and fending off Giegue with the power of song. You can preview the new tracks in the Spotify playlist below.

Alas, as non-US/Canada readers may’ve already figured out, this digital release comes with a catch — Mother Music Revisited‘s only debuting in those two Western territories. (While we’re at it, this album’s rendition of Snowman is different from this live performance shared by Nippon Columbia, the album’s publisher.) No need to make like a Negative Man and start sobbing on the floor, however, for physical releases of the Japanese release can be purchased from online retailers such as CDJapan. There’s the standard release, for starters, but there’s also a Deluxe Edition containing two discs (the second featuring the entire in-game soundtrack!) as well as a vinyl edition. They’re a bit pricey, sure, but you gotta admit: they certainly won’t end up as rare as a Sword of Kings!

Will you be taking a melody as simple as can be with Mother Music Revisited? Let us know in the comments below!

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