Drunken Fist Review (PS4)

I’m Not as Think as you Drunk I Am *HIC*  


drunken fist


When I hear the words “drunken fist”, I think of the drunk boxing fighting style, Jackie Chan, and perhaps just a bit of Rock Lee. I’ve been in my fair share of fights when I was younger, but never, ever when I was drunk. Why? Because it’s not a fight, it’s a sloppy endurance test, and what kind of an idiot gets into a drunken brawl? The answer in DEKLAZON’s Drunken Fist is absolutely: you. Developed by DEKLAZON and distributed by EastAsiaSoft, Drunken Fist is a drunken street brawler simulator where you step outside as an old drunk to punch the first person you see. And that’s it. Hilariously that’s the entire game. Here’s our Drunken Fist Review.


Behold My Leg Sweep



You start off as a hammered old fella in a polygonal world who wants nothing more than to beat up some random punks and jerks. He’s utterly inebriated, and despite having a surprisingly large amount of basic combat commands, very few of them actually work properly. This game is mostly just drunken stumbling, fumbling, and outright missing almost every sort of attack by a mile. I would say this is a result of shoddy mechanics and execution, but again, it’s really just because you’re drunk fighting. A very obvious status which your character oddly needs to utilize while hiding from nearby police.

I stress this because your drunk status matters a lot in the game. There are two meters you have to keep track of during the gameplay. First is your bladder, which when full will start to drain HP, so you’ll need to stop and unload to relieve yourself. Just be careful about slipping on the puddles of your piss along the way. The other status to maintain is your sobriety meter because, like any addict, you actually start to feel the pain when you’re not completely inebriated. Thankfully, there are often bottles of beer lying around along with some garbage fast food to restore health.


Gotta Stay Hydrated



As mentioned earlier, the combat in this game features a large range of attacks. Punch, kicks, uppercuts, low punches, leg sweeps, and even a double kick. Which would be impressive if any of these intended attacks actually landed. Being drunk, not only does your character stumble while moving, but the camera is also irritatingly slow to respond. It also doesn’t lock or follow according to your sense of direction. When combined with areas of the map that are intentionally unable to be crossed, it makes simply stumbling across the street in this game unbelievably frustrating. Atop of this, there are dynamic ragdoll physics which make absolutely no sense, unless of course you were inebriated. It’s absolutely amazing seeing an opponent’s KO attack sending you flying in the opposite direction.


Everybody Wants Drunk Fist Fighting



My genuine review take of Drunken Fist is it’s funny for sure, but it does get old fast. It gave me quite a few quality laughs and I think its proclamation of being a ‘totally accurate beat’em up while drunk’ is genuinely honest. For a $3 dollar price tag on Steam, I absolutely think that’s exactly what this game is worth, but I wouldn’t pay 7.99 for the base PS4 version. 


Final Verdict: 3.5/5

Available on: PS4 (Reviewed); Xbox One; PC; Nintendo Switch; Developer: DEKLAZON; Publisher: EastAsiaSoft; Players: 1; Released: December 23rd, 2020; ESRB: M for Mature for Blood, Crude Humor, Intense Violence, and Alcohol usage; MSRP: 7.99

A copy for review was provided by the publisher


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