Final Fantasy VII Remake: Cloud Strife’s Love Life

We Take a Look at Cloud’s Many Baes in the FFVII Remake


Cloud plus Tifa or Aerith (or perhaps Aeris for you purists)? This romantic love triangle has piqued the interest of many FFVII fans for the past twenty years. But whereas the original edition was a lot of polygonal puppy dog eyes and blocky textures, the remake has had quite a few upgrades in terms of the game’s, ahem, assets, to say the least. Redefining the meaning behind the words Final Fantasy in the most romantic and really just outright thirsty way you can imagine. But before we can ask out Cloud’s inevitable date to the Golden Saucer in Part 2, I’d like to take a quick look at the many romantically interested baes thus far featured in the Final Fantasy VII Remake


The Bae Next Door: Aerith Gainsborough


Oh, Aerith. The kindhearted flower girl of my childhood romantic dreams. Sort of FFVII’s deuteragonist in that almost all the major plot threads are tied to her lineage as an ancient, Aerith is technically the person that sets everything in motion to save the planet. Yet there’s something really special about how her character gets developed in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Aerith proves to be a rather witty and lighthearted character, a girl as equally scintillating as she is strong-willed, often serving as a foil to Cloud this time around. Where Cloud is serious Aerith is silly. Where she’s courageously open, Cloud can often be closed off and somewhat shy.


Somebody wants the C… The Cloud, that is.

Throughout the game the two share a very ‘opposites attract’ kind of chemistry and have not just one but two entirely separate meet-cutes. To top it all off, in Chapter 8 Aerith outright asks Cloud if Tifa’s his girlfriend, sparking all the jealous vibes about Cloud already having “someone special” in his life. If that weren’t enough, Aerith operates as a cunning spellcaster to the party, whereas Cloud serves as the role of the physical warrior — the duo’s combat/date in the Arena in Wall Market making for some of the most titillating moments in the game.

Out of all of Cloud’s loves, Aerith’s also the one who calls him out on it and outright warns him not to fall in love with her. She’s also the only one Cloud seems to be slightly nervously smitten by. However, there is that awkward Zack thing and how Cloud is in many ways Aerith’s Zack-look-alike rebound. Though in thirsty moments like these, I don’t think either really care.


The Sexbomb Bae: Tifa Lockheart


Cloud’s traditional partner in crime, and to many fans Cloud’s one true bae, Tifa is Cloud’s childhood friend from many years ago. The person who gets Cloud recruited to Avalanche, Tifa is a kindhearted soul with a warrior’s spirit. A dedicated friend to Cloud and in many ways his equal, as both are incredibly hardheaded spirits and arguably the best fighters in the game. Atop of this, Tifa is impossibly gorgeous, with a perfect body always showcasing those abs, and of course, Tifa’s signature… curves. It’s distracting eye-candy in every moment. 


Tifa definitely wants the C-Man… still, talkin’ bout Cloud.

It’s hard not to ship these two together because their partnership, especially in combat, is just on another level. Capable of protecting each other’s backs and easily defeating some of the hardest challenges in the game. There’s also a promise Cloud made to Tifa during their childhood about how he would always come back to save her whenever she needs him. Still, in the remake it’s often the other way around as Tifa knows how to hold her own. 

To top it all off, there are a lot of thirsty Tifa moments. Whether it’s her mixing Cloud a cocktail at Seventh heaven, her nearly busting out of that blue dress, or simply holding just a tad too tight onto Cloud as a shoulder to cry on, there is an abundance of Cloud and Tifa partnering up moments that leave us all wondering why Cloud doesn’t make the obvious move.


Oh, Bae of Thirst: Jessie Rasberry


The biggest surprise in the game was probably Jessie Rasberry, who much like the other ladies, is very well developed in this sequel. A bomb specialist and former actress with a tragic motivation backstory, Jessie’s snarky and witty banter can feel an awful lot like Aerith’s. However, there are two noticeable differences. One is her kindness with her Avalanche family. The other, and more important trait, is the fact that she wants to jump Cloud’s bones mere minutes into the game. 

Whereas original Jessie was a tad shy, this one is headstrong and aggressive. Some of Jessie’s first lines in the story are literally to ask the exact nature of the relationship Cloud has with Tifa because she wants to bang him. Not convinced? Well, then there’s this… 


Just a harmless game of dip the mozzarella stick!

But while Biggs and Wedge say she’s just playing around with him, cause after all she is a gifted actor, there is this gem seen above in the game where Jessie invites Cloud over to her place. To make pizza for him. Alone. When all of her roommates are out and away. Hint hint.


The Bae-Blade Edition: Sephiroth


Ah, Cloud’s one true bae. Because though all of the ladies in Final Fantasy want a piece of that Soldier Boy action, we all know Cloud’s true love is in beating the man with the elongated sword. Since the game’s first release back in 1997, Cloud has been absolutely obsessed with conquering Sephiroth — and Sephiroth, vice versa — this game being absolutely no exception. In fact, there are so many moments of Cloud finding Sephiroth that I was genuinely confused as to how they could introduce him each time. A part of me thought the men needed to stop and share a swig of something hard at Seventh Heaven. Maybe hit pause on that ‘One-winged Angel’ soundtrack before inevitably beating each other senseless.


These whispers of sweet nothings are the closest you’ll get to Sephiroth and Cloud Yuri in the Remake… for now.

From the movies to the prequels to the spin-off titles, and even occasional duels in those Kingdom Hearts and Super Smash Bros videogame, Cloud and Sephiroth seem inseparable as fate keeps the two always intertwined. But perhaps there’s a reason the two can’t help but point their swords at one another? Probably because they’re each other’s true biggest baes.



The Queen Bae: Andrea Rhodea


I wish someone would look at me the way Andrea looks at Cloud.

And finally, I’d be remiss without a special mention about Cloud’s surprising chemistry with new character Andrea Rhodea. The leader of the honeybee inn in Wall Market and the dancing queen makeover giver of Cloud. And sure, while that moment was but a single over the top dance sequence, I couldn’t help but notice a spark of chemistry in the air. Something Cloud may vehemently deny, despite the fact that this is probably the closest face-to-face we’ve got in the game this far. 

Agree with who you think was thirstiest in the remake? Let us know in the comments below. And if you can, grab the Final Fantasy VII Remake while it’s still half-off.

A screenplay and comic book writer who grew up on playing everything Blizzard and Final Fantasy, Christian is a part-time entertainment journalist who covers just about everything. He loves attending conventions, meeting fellow creatives, and of course, gaming.

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