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Zelda botw cooking

Zelda: Hyoi Pears, Honeyed Fruits, and Hot Buttered Apple | Friday Night Bytes

Food of the Hylian Gods. Or Just Snacks Hello! And welcome to Friday Night Bytes, combining two of my passions: video games and cooking. This week, I sampled recipes from Aimee Wood’s The Unofficial Legend of Zelda Cookbook. I decided to go with some of the more simple snacks…

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Review (PS4)

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox may undoubtedly be the most unorthodox game in the series to-date, but's still a wonderful Ys experience all the same.

Top 10 Tower Defense Games Totally Worth Playing

The Best Offense Is A Good Defense. Ah, Tower Defense. Real-time strategy’s more passive cousin. Beginning life in gimmicky maps based around RTSes like Warcraft 3, the concept has since grown in into its own distinct stand-alone genre on just about every conceivable platform. While it maybe seem like…

Project Starship X Review (PS4)

Because Swagthulhu was absolutely missing from our lexicon! There’s a lovely game called SuperMash that procedurally generates games after combining two different genres, and at first pass, Project Starship X — the rogue-lite shmup with Lovecraftian-parody vibes — sounds like it came from one of those wacky combinations. Developed…

Writhe Review (Switch)

If you're looking for a retro-style FPS that will kick you in the teeth, Writhe certainly fits the bill. It's just unfortunate that it doesn't offer much else apart from its considerable challenge.

How A Meme Sparked A GameStop Revolution

The Meme Said Let It Hit 420.69. Today, It Hit 420.69 Less than one month in and 2021 has taken a turn for the crazy. Because a company that sells videogames and action figurines has somehow become the face of a financial revolution. Gamestop, as any gamer knows, is…

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