Nintendo Download for 12/24/20

Deck The Halls!


Nintendo Download | NEKOPARA Vol 4

It’s that time of year, folks. Time for Santa to come down the chimney, Krampus to punish the wicked and Will Ferrell to prance around NYC in a green leotard. Yes, it’s the holiday season, but specifically it’s Xmas time. And though today’s Nintendo Download might appear less busy than last week’s, it’s hiding a secret. There’s a bunch of amazing holiday sales we’re gonna cover today. So if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy that special game, today might be your day! Let’s start with a very interesting featured title.

An Unexpected Stocking Stuffer


Nintendo Download | WINGSPAN

Typically, the featured titles are big budget games Nintendo is promoting or in-house darlings. Sure they cover niche or indie sometimes, but it’s more rare. Well, today’s featured title definitely qualifies as something different. It’s called WINGSPAN, and it’s a digital board game involving birds. I know, I was skeptical too. But it actually looks promising. The point of the game is to attract various birds to your wildlife preserves with up to 5 players. It also has card game mechanics and attractive portraits of the various birds. And apparently there’s tons of ways to play and win the game. Like I said earlier, WINGSPAN is definitely not what I expected. But it might be worth a look.

Next up in today’s Nintendo Download, let’s all cheer for the descent of classic evil to Smash Bros. Ultimate!

  • Sephiroth Descends To Battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Brace yourself for the arrival of the one-winged angel. Sephiroth, the fan-favorite villain from the FINAL FANTASY series, is descending from the heavens with his gleaming sword in hand to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game as its newest playable DLC fighter. Challenger Pack 8 contains Sephiroth as a playable fighter, a new stage based on the Northern Cave setting and nine music tracks, including “One-Winged Angel.” Challenger Pack 8 is part of Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which can be purchased for $29.99 and also includes Min Min from the ARMS game, Steve & Alex from Minecraft and three more yet-to-be announced fighters as they release. Challenger Pack 8 can also be purchased separately for $5.99.

Get In the Holiday Zone


Nintendo Download | Elliot

Now, about those holiday sales – there’s 4 of them. I’m gonna glance over the highlights of each, and then get into the meat of the regular weekly sales. So buckle up, cause here’s the meat of the Nintendo Download this week.

Our first sale is from none other than Capcom. As a lifelong Mega Man fan, this one has me especially excited. Their sale lasts from today until January 4th, and features up to 75% off a truckload of titles. Here’s what I consider the highlights: Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle, Mega Man 11, Mega Man Legacy Collection, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2, Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, Okami HD, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Resident Evil Revelations, Resident Evil Revelations 2 and Shinsekai Into the Depths.

Next up, who likes Prinnies? Yes, NISA is having a New Year 2021 Sale and it’s lasting from today until January 10th! Though it admittedly has fewer titles included than Capcom, there’s some amazing stuff here. Check out some of the big names: Culdcept Revolt, Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers, Disgaea 1 Complete, Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory, God Wars the Complete Legend, Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk, Langrisser I & II, Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha, Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo, Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded and Yomawari: The Long Night Collection.

Normally I’m not the first to cover Ubisoft, but even they have some fun sales from today until the end of the month. Here’s what I’d check out in their Holiday Sale: Child of Light Ultimate Edition, Immortals Fenyx Uprising, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Rayman Legends Definitive Edition, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Starlink: Battle for Atlas Digital Edition and Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Worry not, friends. I saved the best Nintendo Download holiday sale for last! Nintendo has an Indie World Holiday Sale. That means a ton of indies and niche fare nicely discounted. Best of all, by buying these, My Nintendo members get Gold Points to spend on other fun things. Though keep in mind, the sales here only last from today until January 2nd. So act quick if you’re interested. That said, here’s the Indie World hightlights: Atomicrops, Crawl, Cuphead, Golf Story, GONNER2, Hades, Ikenfell, INMOST, Little Nightmares Complete Edition, Murder by Numbers, Night in the Woods, Panzer Paladin, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech. To see all these sales in totality, just click here.

Don’t be a Scrooge


Nintendo Download | Crystal Ortha

That’s a lot of amazing holiday sales for this Nintendo Download, but let’s not forget the weekly fare! Here’s that real quickly before we close out with the digital goodies this week. For the more thrifty-minded elves, check these out first. Boot Hill Heroes offers gun-slinging RPG fun for only $6.49. For something with more frenetic combat, try Karma Knight for $6.29. If you love neon colors, try Glitch’s Trip for $7.79. Or for a dynamic puzzle experience, try Evergate for $7.99. And lastly, for a game about two hapless wizard brothers, try REZ PLZ for $7.49.

All the Sugar Plums


Nintendo Download | BIT TRIP BEAT

How about spending a bit more money this time? These five are all worth a look on sale as well. Grindstone is a must own puzzle game, especially for only $14.99. For something much more difficult, try the awesome Star Renegades. It offers rouge mayhem for $18.74. For a simple yet enjoyable RPG, there’s Seven Knights -Time Wanderer-. It’s definitely a great game for $13.99. If you prefer some horror in your holiday, try Clea for $11.99. Finally, for a game with stunning art, try LUNA the Shadow Dust for $15.99.

One Last Sleigh Ride


Nintendo Download | Void Source

Had enough sales yet? Me too. Let’s finish up with some new Nintendo Download digital games out this week. Retro fans should check out Arcade Archives VS. Tennis and Dungeonoid. If you love the Bit.Trip games, then today is your day. The following are all out – BIT.TRIP BEAT, CORE, FATE, FLUX, RUNNER and VOID. RPG fans might enjoy this duo – Crystal Ortha and Dungeon Limbus. Party fans might prefer Cube Raiders. If you love hardcore yet adorable platforming, try Elliot. Or for a harrowing puzzle game with a dose of mystery, try Professor Lupo: Ocean. For cat maid fun, try NEKOPARA Vol. 4. And for two very different games full of mayhem, try Double Dragon Neon and Void Source.

Happy Holidaze


Nintendo Download | Double Dragon Neon

Okay so maybe that was a longer Nintendo Download than I expected. But mostly cause of all those amazing sales! Thanks for joining HPP for your weekly Nintendo Download. And no matter what you celebrate, have a happy holiday season and stay safe!

Josh Speer
Got my start in the industry at oprainfall, but been a game fanatic since I was young. Indie / niche advocate and fan of classics like Mega Man, Castlevania and Super Metroid. Enjoys many genres, including platformers, turn based / tactical RPGs, rhythm and much more. Champion of PAX West and Knight of E3.

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