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Indie World Showcase | Cyber Shadow Title

Well guys, I know it’s late. I meant to wake up on time, but I’ve been low energy these days. But I’m glad I wasn’t too exhausted, cause I really wanted to catch today’s Indie World Showcase. Even though I woke up a half hour afterwards, I quickly caught up, and was left breathless with anticipation for Nintendo’s upcoming indie titles. What I’ll do is list them below, along with a quick description and release window. Lastly, I’ll have the full trailer at the very bottom, if you just want to watch that. It’s only 17 minutes or so. So let’s get this Indie World Showcase started!

Indie World Showcase | Spelunky 1 & 2

First up, they showed off not one but two great rogue-likes coming to Nintendo Switch. Both Spelunky and Spelunky 2 are headed to the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021. Both games will feature local multiplayer, while only one will have online multiplayer. I’ve heard about these titles for a while now, and I’m very happy I didn’t pick them up earlier. Cause I love rogue fun on my Nintendo Switch!

Indie World Showcase | Fisti-Fluffs

The next title by the Indie World Showcase was delightfully strange. It’s called Fisti-Fluffs, and it’s a multiplayer brawler game involving none other than cats. Yea, it’s weird, but as a fan of felines, it also looks tremendously entertaining. At least assuming it has some variety to keep things interesting. Best of all, these cats win by any means possible, and look like total klutzes while doing so. Which is a definite bonus. So get your catnip ready for early 2021 to enjoy Fisti-Fluffs!

Indie World Showcase | Tunche

I had actually heard of Tunche at my previous website, and was flabbergasted today to hear it was coming to Nintendo Switch first! I had thought it was only coming to PC. That said, Tunche has delightful hand drawn artwork, and takes place in the Amazonian jungle. You fight strange foes and hunt for the titular Tunche. Oh and Hat Kid is there too. Cause why not? Tunche is coming to Switch first in March of 2021.

Indie World Showcase | Cyber Shadow

I’m incredibly excited about Cyber Shadow. I’ve been following it for a while on Twitter. But when I heard Yacht Club was helping with porting and publishing duties, I got super invested in it. And having played it at PAX West, I can attest it’s a great looking retro throwback. Better yet, today at the Indie World Showcase they unveiled that Cyber Shadow is only about a month away! It’s coming to Nintendo Switch January 26th of 2021.

Indie World Showcase | Super Meat Boy Forever

But wait, there’s more incredible games! Another title shown during the Indie World Showcase which has been on my wishlist forever is Super Meat Boy Forever. Sure, it’s hard as hell, but it’s also very fun. Plus, did I mention it features thousands of areas and insane boss fights? If you’re a platformer fanatic, you can get Super Meat Boy Forever on Switch on December 23rd 2020!

Indie World Showcase | Grindstone

Another game I’ve been hoping to play for a long while is Grindstone. It had previously only been on mobile or other platforms I don’t utilize. But as of today, Capybara announced that Grindstone is out on Nintendo Switch today! So if you love lush artwork, puzzling gameplay and madness, I’d check it out ASAP.

Indie World Showcase | Gnosia

One game in today’s Indie World Showcase I wasn’t expecting was Gnosia. It’s from Playism, and it features incredible artwork and a dire threat. One of your crew members has been replaced by an alien organism called Gnosia, and it’s your job to root them out. But there’s a lot of crew members to pick from, and they might not be upfront about their intentions. Featuring quick sessions full of tension, Gnosia looks rather cool to me. It’s slated to release on Switch in early 2021.

Indie World Showcase | Happy Game

Next up, I hope you love nightmares. Cause I got some from this next title, called Happy Game. But don’t let the title fool you. Happy Game looks utterly terrifying, and features some strange puzzles to solve. If you’re brave enough, you can hunt through the terror when Happy Game releases in Spring 2021.

Indie World Showcase | Among Us

One big surprise (though perhaps not really) is that Among Us was announced as coming to Nintendo Switch. Given how popular that game has been lately, it actually makes a lot of sense it got a Switch port. So if you want the drama of Gnosia with much sillier artwork, you can check out Among Us today.

Indie World Showcase | Trash Sailors

Now, the next Indie World Showcase games are also worthwhile, but they’re also ones I don’t have enough information about yet. So I’m gonna skip past them a bit faster. This includes the games rolled by in the last couple minutes of the trailer, as well as some that were highlighted by the presentation. Here’s those games real quick. You can build a cat cafe in Calico; allow the music to guide you in When The Past Was Around; maintain a healthy island in Wildlife Alba; park some cars in Very Very Valet; get spacey in Kosmokrats; explore a magical world in Hoa; get creative in Hazel Sky; fight madness in Trash Sailors; and get old school in Finding Paradise.

Thanks as always for joining HPP for your regular dose of Nintendo goodness. I was blown away by the overall quality of the games shown in today’s Indie World Showcase, and am very excited to try several out soon. Stay tuned for more coverage of indie titles in the future!

Josh Speer
Got my start in the industry at oprainfall, but been a game fanatic since I was young. Indie / niche advocate and fan of classics like Mega Man, Castlevania and Super Metroid. Enjoys many genres, including platformers, turn based / tactical RPGs, rhythm and much more. Champion of PAX West and Knight of E3.

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