Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Gathering Guide

A handy list to gather the ingredients you need!

Sakuna | Dinner

One of the things you’ll be doing a ton of in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is gathering ingredients for use elsewhere. Defeated foes will drop goodies, and while those are great, sometimes you don’t want to fight for your dinner. As such, this guide is specifically focusing on making things easier for my fellow gamers, and narrowing down some areas you can gather ingredients without risk of harm. I’ve only found five of those in my 30ish hours with Sakuna, but I’ll be sure to add more if I come across any later. That said, let’s cover these 5 gathering areas, and also list some key items you can make from gathered ingredients.

Sakuna | Home

A useful reference point.

Oh and quick side note, not every one of these areas provides tons of food related items. Some are more bounteous than others. But there’s nothing you can’t find a second use for in Sakuna, so I’ll try and point out key ingredients.

Sakuna | Bounteous Earth Grotto

Bounteous Earth Grotto (immediately south of Home)
Items available – Beast Hoof, Beast Manure, Powder of Transformation, Clay, Stone, Copper Ore, Wood, Hemp, Wheat, Foxtail Millet, Sanwa Millet, Bean, Root Crops, Mushroom, Ginkgo Nut, Garlic, Salt, Scroll: Dashing
Exploration Objectives – Get Salt (6/6), Get Powder of Transformation (1/1)
Food you can make – Vinegar, Foxtail Millet Shochu, Bean Shochu, Sanwa Millet Shochu

The Bounteous Earth Grotto is the first gathering spot you’ll find in Sakuna. It has helpful items like Beast Hoof and Beast Manure, which can be used to make Leaf and Kernel Fertilizer respectively. It also has some ores and wood useful for forging weapons and clothing. Probably the best ingredient early on is Salt, which is useful for preserving food for long storage. Though you’ll find lots of that in the wild later on in the adventure.

Sakuna | Fruitful Hassok

Fruitful Hassock (east of Home)
Items available – Beast Hoof, Beast Manure, Fallen Leaves, Powder of Transformation, Fullness’ Bounty, Wood, High Quality Oak, Bamboo, Sedge, Cork Tree Branch, Bee Larva, Taro, Warabi, Mushroom, Matsutake, Chestnut, Persimmon, Wasabi, Tea, Vegetable Oil, Scroll: Divine Raiment 2
Exploration Objectives – Acquire tea in spring (1/1), Get High Quality Oak (3/3)
Food you can make – Pickled Chestnut, Pickled Mushroom, Dried Persimmon, Pickled Wasabi

The Fruitful Hassock really lives up to its name. It has ingredients for every type of fertilizer, including Fallen Leaves for Root Fertilizer. But it’s really amazing cause of the smorgasbord of food there. Of special note is the Vegetable Oil, which you can process into basic oil that is used as a light source once you nab the Orb of Oil.

Sakuna | Lucid Falls

Lucid Falls (western part of map)
Items available – Fallen Leaves, Powder of Transformation, Iron Ore, Jade, Carp, Masu Salmon, Char, Crucian Carp, Salmon, Smelt, Mushroom, Ginkgo Nut, Wasabi, Ice, Spring Water, Scroll: Defensive Dishes
Exploration Objectives – Get Spring Water (10/10), Get Ice (1/1)
Food you can make – Pickled Ginkgo Nut, Soup Stock, Dried Salmon

Around the time you reach Lucid falls you’ll be fighting a lot of fishy characters (pun definitely intended). The good news about that is fish of all stripes can be used to make Soup Stock, as well as mushrooms you’ll find. Also helpful is the Ice, which can be used to keep food fresh longer without having to immediately process it. But don’t fret if you’re not a soup fan. You can also dry the fish a variety of ways to keep it tasty.

Sakuna | Takeribi's Gold Mine

Takeribi’s Gold Mine (southwestern part of map)
Items available – Beast Hoof, Beast Manure, Fallen leaves, Oil Cake, Powder of Transformation, Eradicating Remedy, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Wood, Taro, Mushroom, Persimmon, Oil
Exploration Objectives – Get Gold Ore (3/3)
Food you can make – Dried Taro Stem, Pickled Persimmon, Sanwa Millet Zosui

Takeribi’s Gold Mine is an interesting Sakuna gathering spot. It has very little in the way of food, but it’s great for crafting gear. You’ll find many ores there, even some wood and oil. If you need a new weapon from Kinta or a new wardrobe from Yui, definitely spend plenty of time mining for helpful items here.

Sakuna | Hidden Crimson Spring

Hidden Crimson Spring (southeast of Home, by volcano)
Items available – Beast Hoof, Beast Manure, Powder of Transformation, Iron Ore, Obsidian, Madder, Persimmon, Salt, Fish Mint, Ice, Health Powder, Skill Powder, Strength Powder, Vitality Powder, Magic Powder, Luck Powder, Fulness Powder, Medicinal Base, Scroll: Combative Cooking
Exploration Objectives – Get Madder (3/3), Get Medicinal Base (1/1)
Food you can make – Fish Mint Tea, Pickled Persimmon

Finally we have Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin’s Hidden Crimson Spring. You’ll find it rather late into the game, but it has some handy ingredients. Perhaps the most important is the Fish Mint. That’s used to make a tea that protects Sakuna from poison damage, which is really handy when you go through noxious grottos full of the undead. You’ll also find all sorts of powders that can be useful to temporarily boost your stats.

And that’s it for HPP’s Sakuna Gathering Guide. This was my first attempt at a guide, so please be gentle in the comments. And hopefully some of you find this information repository helpful as you play through this enjoyable game.

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