Fanatical reveals The Falconeer was almost The Dragoneer

Soar into battle on the wings of Falcons

Fanatical | Airship

I am all for fighting my opponent with giant beasts. I just never expected to do so with giant birds of prey, like in The Falconeer. That game is being made Tomas Sala, and today an interview with Fanatical he revealed something else. Originally The Falconeer wasn’t gonna feature birds. According to developer Tomas Sala, The Falconeer was originally gonna be called The Dragoneer. I think you can suss out the type of creature that would have involved.

The Falconeer | Sunset

More fun snippets were also revealed by the Fanatical interview:

“I think on Steam someone is asking for flamingos,” laughed Tomas. “Giant battle-ready flamingos. I did try dragons, it is a fantasy game after all, even though it’s got some hard sci-fi edges to it rather than magic missiles type fantasy.

“I tried dragons, and there are some still in the game as an enemy or as a ridable mount for allies, but at that time when I was still working on that part and making those decisions, Game of Thrones had just come up – I thought ‘everyone’s doing dragons’ so let’s try something else, it was that simple. I put a bird in and it just clicked.

“Dragons are cool – certainly, definitely – but giant flying birds has that epic feel, I don’t know why, but it has its own sense of epicness so that felt really natural. There are many other enemy mounts in the game, enemies ride giant beetles, giant flying eels, flying mantarays, and blimps – so there’s lots of different vehicles, and I did toy with the dragons of course.

“I toyed with the idea of making some of those [dragons] ridable, but story-wise it didn’t entirely make sense because some of those are really horrible enemies that you meet and the people wouldn’t welcome you in their port. But who’s to say that, for DLC, it would be fun to try something else – but for now it’s all ‘The Falconeer rides warbirds’ and it’s all bird focused.”

“There are quite a few birds that you can purchase in the game and unlock, some of those are more inspired by ravens for instance, there’s a really nice dark one. There are a few types of warbirds but they’re all the giant bird of prey style basically.”

The Falconeer | Night

You can read more details from the Fanatical interview here. If you’re still curious about The Falconeer, stay tuned to HPP. Our very own Heather is going to be covering the game soon!

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