10 Horror game worlds you would absolutely die in

Sorry, But There’s No Chance In Hell You’d Survive These Horrors

Horror Game Worlds

We’ve all done it; every one of us has yelled at that a person in horror movies or games who makes that one stupid decision that we swear we’d never make. Well, what if you did have to make that life or death choice? What would you do if you ever woke up in your favorite horror game’s hellish universe with real like consequences? I’ll tell you one thing you wouldn’t do, and that would be to make it out alive. No matter how much of a badass we may make our protagonists appear, the truth of the matter is we in no way, shape, or form would make it out of these scenarios. So in honor of Halloween, I’ve decided to give you guys some of the most messed up horror game worlds you’d absolutely stand no chance of survival in.

10. Nightmare Creatures

Horror Game Worlds | Nightmare Creatures

There is just no way for anyone who thinks they’re taking on werewolves, mutants, and twisted monstrosities to make it out of this hellish nightmare alive. Taking place in 1834 London and tossing some of the vilest freaks at you, Nightmare Creatures puts you in a horror world where ghouls, demons, and god knows what else is out there patiently waiting to eat that thing you call a face. To make matters worse, none of us are trained monks or exorcists who have the slightest clue how to deal with these nightmare-fueled beasts. Not to mention street lights sucked terribly back then. To top it off, you’ve got a cult hellbent on taking over the city and then the world by doing what? You guessed it, by unleashing the unholy abominations on anyone who just so happens to be in their way. So yeah, no matter how much of a badass you think you are, it’s just not happening for you here, buddy.

09. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Horror Games | Five Nights

If you’ve ever been terrified of Chuck E. Cheese or just any odd-looking animatronics like myself, then welcome to your worst nightmare. First and foremost, I can say from personal experience that being a security guard sucks. Being an overnight security guard sucks even worse. Being an overnight security guard stuck in a hellish pizzeria playland, well, that’s just a whole new level of terrible. Welcome to your first night on the job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, aka your new one-way trip to Heaven, Hell, or crushed between the gears of a possessed animatronic. Whatever floats your boat. So why wouldn’t you survive in what sounds like one of the easiest jobs ever? Your new position is jam-packed with a few goofy looking Banana Splits rejects who literally have the sole intention of stuffing you into a brand spanking new anamorphic meat suit….while you’re still alive. Talk about messed up. Armed with only a flashlight, some doors, and cameras, there’s just no way a few average joes like us will figure this out, especially with just one try.

08. Bloodborne

Horror Games | Bloodborne

While not necessarily a horror game, there was no way I could make this list without featuring one of the most absolutely unforgiving games/worlds I’ve ever played through. Welcome to Yharnam, a decrepit city plagued by an unknown illness and splashed with a heavy dose of H.P. Lovecraft’s twisted mind. So I know what your thinking; you’ve played Bloodborne before, you got this. There’s just no way you can lose, right? Yeah, that would be a huge nope for that survival plan. Not only is there a vast land chuck full of all manners of the worst interdimensional freaks and deities waiting to eat you, rip you to pieces, or make you fall off high ledges (and that’s just Mondays). You also have to pray that you are one of the lucky few who even gets to make it to the medical haven, and I say that with a grain of salt. To survive whatever disease is ravaging the world around you will be a near-impossible task. Needless to say, there’s way too much luck involved with surviving From Software’s vision of Hell on Earth.

07. The Evil Within

Horror Games | The Evil Within

Ok, this one kind of threw me for a loop and isn’t quite the conventional horror game format. Most horror games have you dealing with some viral outbreak, crazed cult, or somebody unlocking portals that they never should’ve even bothered with. This one is a reality bender, so to speak, taking place within the psyche. The Evil Within has you first believing you are stuck in some place that monsters call home, but as you dive deeper and deeper, you slowly realize that you’re trapped in some guy’s subconscious. Why won’t we survive this one? You’re pretty much confined to a world where the only one who has any true control is the main man in charge, and he’s not really the nicest person, to put it lightly. So unless you’ve got the mind of Douglas Quaid, I’d suggest staying out of this one.

06. Silent Hill

Horror Games | Silent Hill

We all know what that siren means; to literally get the heck out of dodge because things are about to get insanely weird. Even then, running is still not enough to keep you alive from the multitudes of creepy creatures waiting to do the unthinkable to your flesh. Silent Hill, Maine may honestly forever remain on the 10 places you don’t ever need or want to go lists, and to be fair, it’s justifiable. Whenever that thick fog rolls around, people tend to end up dead. Sadly, you’d be no different as the fog begins to rapidly creep around you and suck you into a world where your worst thoughts will literally come to life. I don’t know about you guys, but there are some things I’d rather stay in my nightmares so I can wake up and live.

05. Outlast


If there’s one thing horror movies have taught me, it’s that you really need to stay away from any kind of mental asylum, especially haunted ones or ones with inhumane practices. Because it never ever goes well. Just like the movies, such is the case for anyone who gets stuck in Mount Massive Asylum. From the moment you step in the door, everything about this place is just wrong. Dead bodies cluttering the halls, inmates murdering employees, oh and the fact that the only guy with sense says run, and you can’t seem to find your way out because somebody thought turning nanites evil was a good idea. I think it’s pretty safe to assume you’re not surviving the first five minutes of your little mental getaway,

04. DOOM


It’s the most literal vision of Hell on Earth you will ever see represented, and let me tell ya, all that fire and brimstone stuff doesn’t even remotely cover it. You’d think by this point in the future, mankind would have learned to leave things alone and stay in their respective lane. Sadly for us, the Aerospace Corporation is a collective of the absolute worst or the absolute dumbest of us. Take your pick. They really didn’t learn their lesson at all. Unleashing literal demons upon humanity and almost ending us as we know it. Luckily for the DOOM franchise folks, they get blessed with the all-mighty DOOM-Guy and his divinely powerful boomstick. Normal people, on the other hand, won’t get so lucky. Not only can these hellspawn open portals with pinpoint accuracy, dropping in right on top of our heads as we hide in what we thought were our safe havens. There’s this little notion that they’re from Hell, and we have no weapons on this planet that can combat that.

03. Resident Evil

 Resident Evil

Yet another company that doesn’t seem to understand that there are just some things you need to leave alone, the Umbrella Corporation is one that I seriously still haven’t understood how they are not broke, cuz I haven’t seen one success from them yet. Tampering with bioengineering and creating some of the most jacked up creations I’ve ever seen, Resident Evil’s monstrous baddies put horror games on the map. Whether it’s in the tight confines of the Raccoon Mansion or the sprawling streets of Raccoon City, there are some glaring reasons as to why we, the everyday man, wouldn’t get through this one in one piece. Outside of all the freaking zombies and zombie dogs all over the place, you’ve got to deal with some seriously messed up killing machines like Mr. X or the Nemesis, who don’t mind jamming a claw or two in your eye sockets to make sure you’re extra dead.

02. Dead Space

| Dead Space

Okay, seriously, if you’ve played this game, I don’t think I need a detailed explanation of why there are zero percent chances for survival in this world. Dead Space takes some attributes from Aliens and cranks those up tenfold. If you think face-huggers are bad, they’ve got nothing on the creatures you run into on here. Why won’t we survive this, you ask? Well, if you haven’t played the games, I’ll help you out with just one-word – Markers. These strange constructions kick off your impending demise by first driving everyone around it insane, forcing them to kill others or themselves, and that’s when all the awful crap starts. These dead carcasses are then reanimated and mutated into some of the vilest and most disgusting looking cretins ever, and all they want to do is to mutilate you so you can join their cause and make more biomass—just a whole lot of nasty.

01. Dead By Daylight

Horror Games | Dead By Daylight

The one to top this list is probably the worst one I could honestly think of. There’s no hope, no chance for escape, no final girl/guy plot armor to save you. Just a twisted god-like being whose only enjoyment is tormenting you until you cease to exist. Dead by Daylight is one messed up the world. You know it’s messed up when even Evil Dead’s Ash Williams is stuck here. So not only do you have this evil god guy doing everything possible to make life as painful as possible for you, but he’s also decided to drop in some of the most notorious killers and freaks ranging from a deranged scientist to Leatherface to hunt you down and murder you, over and over and over again as they sacrifice you for a tribute to their new lord. You know things are bad when this guy can make Freddy Krueger do as he’s told.

So, you think you have what it takes to survive any of these nightmarish hellscapes? What are your favorite horror game worlds? Be sure to sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

Greg Peterson
Just a fun-loving, fighting-game-playing, adventure-mongering guy. Greg has been addicted to gaming since his youth when he received his first Nintendo. A fighting game enthusiast and lover of all RPGs ranging from Thousand Arms to Street Fighter.

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