Monthly Archives: November 2020

Habroxia 2 Brings Retro to Consoles and PC Soon

Time To Return to Space Once More! Whenever I get PR from the good folks at eastasiasoft, there’s a good chance it’s about a SHMUP. Which is great, since I enjoy the genre. Today, the SHMUP I’m sharing with you all is Habroxia 2. It was developed by Lillymo…

MAMIYA – A Shared Illusion of the World’s End Breaks into Reality Spring 2021

A dark, new story is heading our way     Publisher Fruitbat Factory has announced that MAMIYA – A Shared Illusion of the World’s End will be making its way to PC next year. Developed by Kenkou Land, MAMIYA takes place within a dark, apocalyptic fantasy world, and features a story…

The Wand Company Unveils Poké Ball Replica Series

Soon You Can Catch Them All! After years and years of playing the Pokémon series, there’s one thing I still want – a real life Poké Ball. And sure, I realize there’s no scientific basis to trapping a giant monster inside a tiny ball, but the longing is still…

SaGa Frontier Breathes New Life Into Old Legends Summer 2021

Get ready to experience a new take on a classic adventure!     Square Enix has announced, during a recent live stream of the popular mobile RPG adventure game Romancing SaGa Re;universe in Japan, SaGa Frontier Remastered will be releasing next year. An enhanced version of 1998’s SaGa Frontier, Remastered will feature not…

SIE Spain Reveals New Metroidvania Aeterna Noctis

Explore The Night in Aeterna Noctis Here’s something you might not know about myself – I’m a Metroidvania fanboy. It all started with Symphony of the Night, and it hasn’t stopped since. And while it’s somewhat of a challenge to find quality Metroidvanias these days, it’s not impossible. Case…

Last Labyrinth: Interview With Director & Producer Hiromichi Takahashi

Hiromichi Takahashi guides our rickety wheelchair through the horrors that await in his nightmarish VR escape room, Last Labyrinth.

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