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Neighbours back From Hell

Neighbours back From Hell Review (PC)

Hello, Neighbour If you asked me for a game all about schadenfreude, I’d have to point you to Neighbours back From Hell. Yes, “back,” as in, they have come again from the fiery depths of Satan’s domain to wreak chaos and confusion. The beloved original released in 2003 with…
Image showcasing the AtGames Legends Arcade Gamer home console.

AtGames’ Legends Gamer Pro Now Available

Bring the excitement of the arcades to your living room with AtGames’ Legends Arcade Pro. The Legends Gamer Pro is now available, giving retro-minded gamers a chance to experience a plethora of coin-op and console classics in one surprisingly feature-rich package. The latest addition to AtGames’ Legends Arcade Family,…

ScourgeBringer Review (PC)

Celeste Meets Dead Cells It’s hard to hate a punishing pixel art rougelite platformer, and ScourgeBringer is exactly that. Not for the faint of heart or weak of will, ScourgeBringer is a fast, fun, and frustrating experience that will please Metroidvania fans and roguelite enthusiasts equally. Even those who aren’t…

Foregone Review (PS4)

Slicker than a wet seal   I am a huge sucker for Metroidvanias, especially when they dabble into the rogue-like/lite elements. Whether searching for loot or hacking my foes into mini cutlets, there is nothing I enjoy more than these action-packed fast-paced titles. When done well, these games can…

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Review (PS4)

An Incredible End to an Incredible Journey     I have really been looking forward to playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV. So much so, in fact, that I insisted on playing through CSII and CSIII beforehand just to make sure that as much of the game’s story as…
Vigil The Longest Night

Vigil: The Longest Night Review (PC)

Salt and Sanctuary meets Chinese papercutting There are some great games that fit our publication so perfectly, and Vigil: The Longest Night is right up with its retro feel and indie freshness. The debut title of Taiwanese-based dev team Glass Heart Games with publishing being handled by Another Indie,…

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