Undead Darlings Combo Guide

Because Being Dead Doesn’t Mean Being Alone 

Undead Darlings has a pretty challenging battle system for an RPG. Enemies have surprisingly high hitpoints, and the difficulty only increases the further into the game you get. Yet, it’s not the game’s acclaimed EE multiplier system that I found helpful for these battles. Instead, it was actually utilizing the game’s macro commands and combo system. As two skills placed back-to-back can trigger powerful damage combos and abilities that can give your party the edge in battle. To better utilize these combinations in this quest for undying love, I’ve compiled an Undead Darlings Combo guide list and listed it by type of damage to keep those EE multiplier bonuses rolling. However, the list is still incomplete (I’m missing an ice piercing and electric blunt combo), so you’ll have to try and stack some of your own moves for the Combining for Combos achievement.


Undead Darlings Combos


  • Flamin’ Slash (single fire slash) = Hard Slash + Flamez, Reverse Slash + Column O’ Lava 
  • Serrated Edge (single ice slash)= Reverse Slash + Shiver, frostbite + Rising Slice
  • Kra-KOW! (single electric slash) = Bzzzt + Cleavage, KZZZT! + Rising Slice 
  • Flame Skewers (single fire pierce) = Column O’ Lava + Power Thrust, All of the Matches + Glad-She-Ator
  • Shocking Outlet (single electric pierce) = Power Thrust + Fzzt, Leap n’ Stab + Bzzzt
  • Smolder (single fire blunt) = Rib cracker + Column of lava, Burning nova + Chest Crusher
  • Icy Implant (single ice blunt) = Shudder + Wham!, Shiver + Bash
  • Black Eye (single dark blunt) = Violent Retribution + Shadow Bind, Gateway + Multi-Palm Strike
  • Breathe Out (single wind projectile) = Sniping + Exhalation, Deific Yawn + Full Draw
  • Campfire Blaze (all fire projectile) = Crackling fire + Spring Fever, Burning nova + Nostalgic breeze
  • Avalauncher (all ice projectile) = Snowball Fight + Hat Trick, Claw Shot + Frost Bite
  • Bolts of Ice (all lightning+ice projectile) = Snowball Fight + The Edison
  • Over the Painbow (all, light/dark damage, and a chance to blind+bind) = Blinder + Shadow Bind, Mass Blinder + Shadow Snap
  • Party On, Death (all, high damage, a chance for instant death) = Laser Light Show + Soul Reaper 
  • Mostly Cleanse (all status cure) = Kinda Cleanse + Barely Cleanse
  • Third-Aid (all heal) = First-Aid + Second-Aid


And that’s all the ones I found. Feel free to share this list, and if you find any more, feel free to comment below, and I’ll add it here. Also, if you like, check out our review of Undead Darlings as well.

A screenplay and comic book writer who grew up on playing everything Blizzard and Final Fantasy, Christian is a part-time entertainment journalist who covers just about everything. He loves attending conventions, meeting fellow creatives, and of course, gaming. You can follow him on

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