Lucifer Within Us Guide

May Ain Soph guide you (and we can help)

Lucifer Within Us

Ah, Ada, there you are! We are sorry to have called you, but there has been a murder, and we need you to exorcise the daemons that reside within the culprit. Have no fear, however — we would never leave you alone to complete such a dangerous task. With Ain Soph’s guidance, we have provided this Lucifer Within Us walkthrough for you so that you may unmask all the lies and unveil the truth within!

1. The Two Brothers Case

Lucifer Within Us

Please note that this case will be constantly interrupted by the tutorial.

Start by collecting all the physical evidence (from right to left):

  • Reuben’s Workstation: The computer monitors on the right side of the room
    • Coronet Blueprints
    • Spear Blueprints
  • ????????: On Reuben’s desk on the bottom right
    • Devil’s Herb
  • Door Button: A large, circular yellow button on the glass chamber in the back of the room
    • Door Controls
  • Mother Miriam’s Body: The headless body in the middle of the glass chamber in the back of the room
    • Mother Miriam’s Body
    • Coronet Remains
  • Control Panel: The organ just in front of the glass chamber
    • Control Panel
  • Coronet Limiter: The item on top of Gideon’s Workstation
    • Coronet Limiter
  • Gideon’s Workstation: The monitor on top of the desk on the left side of the room
    • Consecration Ceremony


Now, interrogate both suspects to collect psychological evidence (make sure to ask each suspect about every chunk of testimony, person, and piece of physical and psychological evidence):

  • Gideon:
    • Contradict:Perform Ceremony” (Gideon’s Testimony) > Control Panel
    • Enter Sanctum: Evidence Discovered — Narcissist
    • Contradict: “Miriam’s Arrival” (Gideon’s Testimony) > “Miriam’s Arrival” (Reuben’s Testimony)
    • Enter Sanctum: Evidence Discovered — Skeptic
  • Reuben:
    • Contradict: “Return to Work” (Reuben’s Testimony) > “Order Reuben” (Gideon’s Testimony)
    • Enter Sanctum: Evidence Discovered — Believer
    • Contradict: “Return to Work” (Reuben’s Testimony) > Door Controls
    • Enter Sanctum: Evidence Discovered — Envy


It’s time to unveil the truth:

  • Accuse Reuben
    • Means: Physical Evidence — Coronet Limiter
    • Opportunity: Reuben’s Testimony — Check Chamber
    • Motive: Psychological Evidence — Envy
    • Daemon: Lotan the Envious

Praise Ain Soph, that ordeal is over… or is it? Click on the next page for guidance in the next unfortunate murder.

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