Picking Your Halloween Costume (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

Trick or Treat!
animal crossing halloween costume

OoooOOoOOoOo! Halloween will soon be upon us, and you know what that means: candy, decorations, and spooooky costumes! Animal Crossing is no stranger to the festivities of All Hallows’ Eve, and your lovely island paradise shan’t be spared a visit from Jack, the Czar of Halloween. With the 1.5.0 update introducing witches and beasts into your dark wardrobe, you’ll want some enchanted clothing to fend off the accursed spirits haunting the chilly fall nights. (Okay, not really, but what excuse do you have in avoiding the Halloween spirit?). Aside from scoring some additional candy on Halloween, New Horizons‘s new costumes and cosmetics for the mischievous holiday can pep up your ghoulish apparel via adorable macabre and dreadful make-up.

Let’s Get Scary!

For those just joining in on Animal Crossing Halloween, New Horizons offers spooky new duds as of the 1.5.0 update. Throughout October, you can stop by the Able Sisters to pick up your new costumes inside the fitting room; naturally, they rotate every day, so be sure to drop by every day! (By the way, we’ve heard whispers these outfits are available well after October, but we’ll confirm that after the fact.)

We’ve offered a brief list of all the Halloween costumes below, although bear in mind there exist six color variations of each costume– for reference: white, black, red, orange, green, and purple — so completionists and fashion enthusiasts will want to to save up some Bells!

  • Flashy Animal Costume (1700 Bells)
  • Mage’s Dress (2040 Bells)
  • Magic-Academy Robe (2040 Bells)
  • Raggedy Outfit (1500 Bells)
  • Flashy Pointy-Ear Animal Hat (1120 Bells)
  • Flashy Round-Ear Animal Hat (1120 Bells)
  • Impish Horns (800 Bells)
  • Mage’s Striped Hat (3400 Bells)
  • Magic-Academy Hood (1040 Bells)
  • Animal Nose (560 Bells)
  • Horizontal-Striped Tights (720 Bells)
  • Flashy Animal Boots (1260 Bells)
  • *Impish Wings (1000 Bells)


Don’t forget New Horizons already had a sizeable collection of spooky gear prior, which invoke the likes of vampires, skeletons, devils, witches, and hockey-mask serial killers, so don’t be afraid to expand your options!

*This one’s an exclusive item at Kicks’ Shoe Emporium — be sure to snap ’em up whenever  drops by!

Body Paint and Eye Colors

New Horizons doesn’t just stop at fancy costumes –you can slather body paint and alter your eye colors to complete that pale vampire look! Actually, this isn’t a new feature, but this update included some additional spooky colors for your dress-up needs. Stop by Resident Services and check out the Nook Stop so you can redeem your Nook Points for both options, which cost 2,400 points each. (They’re listed as “Body-Paint Costume Tips” and “Exploring New Eye Colors”). Once you’ve studied up on cosmetics, simply gaze into a mirror and you’ll get to shake up your colors.

Anyway, said colors are listed as follows:

Body Paint: White, Purple, Green, and Blue

Eye Colors: Yellow, Pink, Orange, Grey, Purple, and Light Green

Get Customized!

By the way, did you know you can apply custom patterns onto your face via the same method? That’s another old feature, but it’s the perfect opportunity to add scars, stitches, and fake blood to complement your costume. In case you’ve forgotten, you can browse other players’ custom patterns at the Able Sisters by accessing their Custom Designs Portal. As seen above, here’s my villager avatar trying out some oozing blood; why, what look is he going for…?

animal crossing halloween costume

Ah, a bloodthirsty beast! Bathed in the blood of fresh prey and donning the skulls of his victims, the island village of Moonrise would do well to avoid his pumpkin patch, where he resides as a loyal sentry…

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from dressing up in custom clothing; for instance, perhaps you need a skeleton body to accommodate your Skull Hat? And if you’re not feeling the digital library’s designs, you can always draft one up yourself!

Okay, but is there a reason I have to get dressed up?

You know how you can purchase candy at Nook’s during October? If you drop by a villager’s home on Halloween while donned up in at least one article of spooky clothing, they’ll fork over more confectionery treats for free! Dedicated players should already have amassed a veritable hoard to donate to Jack, but hey, why turn down free candy?

Aside from that, it’s mostly about getting in the mood; after all, Animal Crossing is all about personal customization and accommodating to personal taste. With New Horizons, the series has never been more photogenic (especially when considering its social media pervasiveness), so why not get in touch with your inner horror? For mischievous photo-takers like myself,, it’s a prime opportunity to take grim pics like the one below — alas, Leif never stood a chance…

And that’s all we have to share regarding Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘s Halloween Costumes. Drop by in the comments below if you have any further questions, but in the meantime, why not check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide?

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