20 Mega Man X Mavericks You Can’t Help But Love

09.Double (Mega Man X4)

His name pretty much says it all. This guy is a double-crossing snake in the grass. Double drops in on one of Capcom’s best titles ever, Mega Man X4. He first takes the form of a fun-loving, clumsy, chubby little Reploid. Our secret double agent later reveals himself and his true intent near the end of the game. He’s sadistic, rude and just all-around evil, but it works so well for him. His theme, looks, and even attacks scream, “look at me. I’m an edgelord,” and believe me, he is. He hates you, and the way he continually tries to drive you into the ground or walls shows it.

08. Dark Mantis (Mega Man X8)

Our next entry is one of the few good Mavericks to come out for the Mega Man X series after 6. Mega Man X8 wasn’t as bad as 7, but it still had its fair share of problems. Luckily, Dark Mantis wasn’t one of them. His design oozes intimidation, with his curved scythe-like arm blades and his ninja-like appearance. Entirely shrouded in darkness, his stage is probably the most fun you’ll have in X8. In my opinion, it gives you a Metal Gear Solid kind of feel. His boss fight isn’t exactly challenging, but it is a lot of fun regardless. He’ll use the shadows to his advantage, striking out of nowhere, to be a real jerk. He will also try and suck all your damn energy away, because that’s what a Mantis does apparently. Still, everything about Dark Mantis is excellent, and thankfully Capcom’s creative team decided to spare him from the fate known as Mega Man X8.

07.Dynamo (Mega man X5)

He’s cocky, brash, and the all-around coolest guy in the world, or so he claims. Dynamo is another one of my favorite Mavericks. While he was technically “hired,” by Sigma, he’s still a Maverick in my book. His dialogue is hilarious, adding a little flair to his character’s otherwise goofy demeanor. Looking like a creative mix of Zero and Protoman, Dynamo’s design is one of the better ones that came along in Mega Man X5. Playing the typical mid-boss role, you face off against this arrogant android several times throughout the game and each time he runs away. So I guess he’s not that cocky. Each of those encounters can be a hassle since his attacks will change depending on who you’re using. Assaulting you with everything from spinning blades and energy shockwaves to the usual slashes and dashes, Dynamo’s comedic one-liners, sleek design, and relaxed attitude earned him a spot on the list.

06. Overdrive Ostrich (Mega Man X2)

There’s just no way you’d ever think the words badass ostrich would come out of anyone’s mouth, but being covered in blades probably helps. Hailing from Mega Man X2, Overdrive Ostrich is one ornery avian. Staying true to his name it’s made very clear from the start – everything is about speed.
Our turbo-fueled bipedal bird’s desert-themed stage not only has you blasting through a sandstorm on a hoverbike and destroying everything in your path. You then proceed to ride a cruise missile while having to blow it to pieces as it takes flight, dropping you front and center for the battle against our land bird foe.

The battle itself suits his name entirely, relying on his inner roadrunner to make leaping charges at you. Overdrive will then take to jumping in and out on the dunes in the background to smash you into a scrap pile. Staying on your toes or finding a way to slow him down is your only chance at victory.

Greg Peterson
Just a fun-loving, fighting-game-playing, adventure-mongering guy. Greg has been addicted to gaming since his youth when he received his first Nintendo. A fighting game enthusiast and lover of all RPGs ranging from Thousand Arms to Street Fighter.

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