20 Mega Man X Mavericks You Can’t Help But Love

14. Neon Tiger (Mega Man X3)

If there’s one thing that stands out for our next entry, it’s that his name matches his color scheme. Neon Tiger is one ferocious and brightly colored Maverick with unpredictable movements. He can be tough to deal with at times. When he’s not moving around and trying to tear you into pieces, he’s blocking all your shots, making this battle even more annoying. I will point out that those laser claws are his best feature, and it’s unfortunate you don’t get to brandish those shining claws of fury once you beat him. Still, defeating this wall hopping, sparkle shooting feline will grant you one of the most useful weapons in Mega Man X3, the Ray Splasher. Aside from his excellent design, his Guns N’ Roses sounding theme is one of those songs where you’ll find yourself standing there so that you can hear it all the way through.

13. Colonel (Mega Man X4)

Making his appearance in Mega Man X4, the Reploid known as Colonel is just an awesomely designed character. A free-will Maverick, the big guy was pretty noble at heart. Choosing to do what he thought was best for his men, the military-minded automaton took up his righteous cause instead of laying down his weapons. Too bad that Sigma was manipulating him for his own nefarious means.

His fight provides you with one of the most epic Mega Man sword clashes to date, specifically, when you play as our favorite ponytailed Maverick hunter. His moveset consists of teleports, slashes, dashes, firing off his Ground Crush, and he even calls down the thunder with his Energy Breaker attack to end your existence. His design is a little more basic than most of the X4 roster, but he still is one fantastic looking character.

12. Agile (Mega Man X2)

One of the more exciting villains added to Capcom’s stellar X series were the X-Hunters. They were a group of three Mavericks whose sole purpose was to make the hunter’s lives hell and recover Zero to turn him against you. This group’s standout is Agile, a beam saber wielding, swagtastic, trash-talking robot with attitude.

Now, if you haven’t played the game, the stakes for taking down this guy and his friends are super important, because they’re pretty much how you get our scarlet hero on your team. So no pressure. Well, expect from the crap ton of pressure this guy throws at you by continually attacking you with dashes, sword flurries, massive beams, and crescent slashes. One of the more unique villains on my list, this hunter of Mavericks is one hell of a character and somebody I rather enjoyed, not only as a boss fight but also his overall design.

11. Dark Necrobat (Mega Man X5)

Why Capcom didn’t give our next entry a grand looking top hat to go along with his snazzy monocle I’ll never know, but I wish they did. You’ve got to love his reference to Mega Man 7’s Shade Man, both designed as a type of bat. But it’s Dark Necrobat, aka Dark Drizzy, that’s always been my favorite between the two. He was created by Sigma three years before Mega Man X5, and he’s one of the few Mavericks that isn’t under Sigma’s control and actively works against him. Being the jerk that he is, Sigma cast him out due to his low battle prowess. But this batty bastard’s boss fight proves he’s no weakling. His mellow music perfectly fits his planetarium stage, giving you a nice spacey feel to go along with the random constellations that appear in the background. Outside of his lack of a top hat, Dark Drizzy’s vampiric design, and of course that monocle, is just one that I’ve always enjoyed.

10. Axle the Red (Mega Man X5)

Axle the Red is one of the few non-animal-based Mavericks we’ve seen, and I’ve got to say it is nice to see someone whose design is a bit different now and again. This striking floral ninja-esque robot pays tribute to Gun’s-N-Roses frontman if you couldn’t tell already from the way he looks and his name. His quirky yet elegant attack pattern is pretty hard not to chuckle at, but it’s that and his flower-themed stage that adds to his charm. While the boss battle itself is pretty simple and straightforward, he still has some attacks that he will use to choke the ever-living crap out of you.

His stage more than makes up for this pretty easy boss battle. With tons of thorns all over the place, you’ll have to jump and dash your way through some pretty tight spots, really testing your inner platformer. In no way can I forget about his theme music – it is freaking incredible, and it will keep the blood pumping while trying to maneuver your way through this spike-filled deathtrap.

Greg Peterson
Just a fun-loving, fighting-game-playing, adventure-mongering guy. Greg has been addicted to gaming since his youth when he received his first Nintendo. A fighting game enthusiast and lover of all RPGs ranging from Thousand Arms to Street Fighter.

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