20 Mega Man X Mavericks You Can’t Help But Love

No More Robot Masters!!!

One of Capcom’s best-selling franchises is Mega Man X. It has an abundance of amazing bosses and boss battles and has even inspired other series. A question that will always be brought up is – who is the best? While many of these Mavericks have a special place in our hearts, some stand out above all others. So today, I’ve decided to go through 20 of my all-time favorites. Now I’m mainly basing this on design, stage, or overall quality of the boss battles, and of course, the badass boss music themes. So here are my 20 favorite Mavericks in the Mega Man X series.

20. Gravity Beetle (Mega Man X3)

Starting off our list is one of the few shining beacons from the otherwise dull roster of bosses from the Mega Man X3 game, Gravity Beetle. Based on a Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle, our beetle bot has a pretty simple design compared to his cohorts, but his stage’s theme is a 32-bit masterpiece. Gravity Beetle is the brother to one of the series beloved Mavericks, and he’s after X for revenge for his death. His area is one of the more basic platformer stages, with lots of ladders to climb and bots to blast. But the bursting gold light of dawn as you raid the level really brings it to life. Just like his namesake, he continuously charges you and throws his bouncy gravity balls at you. As long as you avoid his bull rushes or cripple him with good ole Ray Splasher, he’ll go down relatively quickly.

19. Toxic Seahorse (Mega Man X3)

Toxic Seahorse is one of the more vibrant and oddly designed bosses in Mega Man X3. He looks like a palette swap for the Loch Ness monster on Dexter’s Lab. But it’s because of his unique design, amazing sounding stage theme, and a fun boss fight that’s earned him his spot on this list. Those grungy guitar rifts will more than keep you pumped as you jump and dash your way through an otherwise uneventful stage. Sadly, he’s another boss who suffers from being entirely crippled by his weakness, but he makes for an annoying but manageable fight without it. Being one of the first acid/toxic bosses along with his goofy design only adds to Toxin Seahorse’s originality and charm, making him unforgettable.

18. Commander Yammark (Mega Man X6)

Mega Man X6 was about when the boss names got really weird and stopped being cool, with some of their designs being downright boring. Derived from the Japanese word Yamma, Commander Yammark’s splendid music, tropical forest looking stage, and insect based enemies match his Dragonfly themed design perfectly. Labeled faulty due to his paranoia, Yammark is one I place in the Maverick malfunction category, even though it’s kind of odd that robots can get paranoid. This poor guy is one of the easiest bosses in the game, which is a shame because he looks fantastic. Even with his Yammar Option acting as a shield, you can take him down with the utmost ease. What is really shameful is that his Yammar Option works better for you than it does him. Either way, his smooth design at least helps him stand out in one of the franchise’s more disappointing titles.

17. Cyber Peacock (Mega Man X4)

Mega Man X4 is home to many excellently designed bosses, and our next entry is no exception. Cyber Peacock looks fantastic. His elegant color scheme gives him a certain charm over some of the other Mavericks in the game. I genuinely love his cyberspace stage. It works like a speed run to test how fast and effortlessly you can beat the stage, giving you a little bit of a personal challenge to try and get an S-rank. Once again, another boss from the X4 title with a great theme song to match his stages settings, Cyber Peacock’s song makes you feel like you’re in cyberspace yourself. He’s another one of the easier bosses to deal with in the game without his weakness. Still, his fight can be fun if you don’t just murder him outright. Being one of the more beautifully designed bosses, you can’t help but enjoy his less than threatening looks.

16. Slash Beast (Mega Man X4)

If you’ve ever wondered what Marvel’s Sabertooth would look like as a robot, well, here he is, folks. Slash Beast is, hands down, one of my favorite Mavericks. This guy comes barreling towards you like the Ultimate Warrior, ready to deliver the pain. Making his appearance in Mega Man X4, his lion-esque looks were just awesome. His stage takes place on a runaway train that forces you to hop from train car to train car before they explode. An obvious tribute to Street Fighter’s Guile and Charlie, this guy comes at you with Flash Kicks and a savage attack pattern like a raw force of nature. He wants you dead, and it shows. Yeah, he’s not the most colorful of Mavericks, but his untamed design is one of Capcom’s more amazing creations

15. Flame Stag (Mega Man X2)

If there’s one thing the Mega Man series has in abundance, it’s fire-themed bosses. But Flame Stag is one of the few fan favorites amongst his brethren. Appearing in Mega Man X2, he’s another boss with it all – fantastic design, awesome stage theme, a great stage, and a pretty fun boss fight. He’s always been one of the best bosses in X2 to me. He’s essentially Rudolph with an attitude and burning antlers. After you’ve climbed a volcano, swam through lava, jumped on not-so-stable rock formations, and avoided beetles that don’t understand density to get to him, you then have to fight in another cramped room. Its high walls will have you playing tag to keep up with him, which gets even worse when his flames begin to turn blue. He’s another boss that awards you a pretty overpowered attack, the Speed Burner, which is a giant spinning fireball that destroys everything in its path.

14. Neon Tiger (Mega Man X3)

If there’s one thing that stands out for our next entry, it’s that his name matches his color scheme. Neon Tiger is one ferocious and brightly colored Maverick with unpredictable movements. He can be tough to deal with at times. When he’s not moving around and trying to tear you into pieces, he’s blocking all your shots, making this battle even more annoying. I will point out that those laser claws are his best feature, and it’s unfortunate you don’t get to brandish those shining claws of fury once you beat him. Still, defeating this wall hopping, sparkle shooting feline will grant you one of the most useful weapons in Mega Man X3, the Ray Splasher. Aside from his excellent design, his Guns N’ Roses sounding theme is one of those songs where you’ll find yourself standing there so that you can hear it all the way through.

13. Colonel (Mega Man X4)

Making his appearance in Mega Man X4, the Reploid known as Colonel is just an awesomely designed character. A free-will Maverick, the big guy was pretty noble at heart. Choosing to do what he thought was best for his men, the military-minded automaton took up his righteous cause instead of laying down his weapons. Too bad that Sigma was manipulating him for his own nefarious means.

His fight provides you with one of the most epic Mega Man sword clashes to date, specifically, when you play as our favorite ponytailed Maverick hunter. His moveset consists of teleports, slashes, dashes, firing off his Ground Crush, and he even calls down the thunder with his Energy Breaker attack to end your existence. His design is a little more basic than most of the X4 roster, but he still is one fantastic looking character.

12. Agile (Mega Man X2)

One of the more exciting villains added to Capcom’s stellar X series were the X-Hunters. They were a group of three Mavericks whose sole purpose was to make the hunter’s lives hell and recover Zero to turn him against you. This group’s standout is Agile, a beam saber wielding, swagtastic, trash-talking robot with attitude.

Now, if you haven’t played the game, the stakes for taking down this guy and his friends are super important, because they’re pretty much how you get our scarlet hero on your team. So no pressure. Well, expect from the crap ton of pressure this guy throws at you by continually attacking you with dashes, sword flurries, massive beams, and crescent slashes. One of the more unique villains on my list, this hunter of Mavericks is one hell of a character and somebody I rather enjoyed, not only as a boss fight but also his overall design.

11. Dark Necrobat (Mega Man X5)

Why Capcom didn’t give our next entry a grand looking top hat to go along with his snazzy monocle I’ll never know, but I wish they did. You’ve got to love his reference to Mega Man 7’s Shade Man, both designed as a type of bat. But it’s Dark Necrobat, aka Dark Drizzy, that’s always been my favorite between the two. He was created by Sigma three years before Mega Man X5, and he’s one of the few Mavericks that isn’t under Sigma’s control and actively works against him. Being the jerk that he is, Sigma cast him out due to his low battle prowess. But this batty bastard’s boss fight proves he’s no weakling. His mellow music perfectly fits his planetarium stage, giving you a nice spacey feel to go along with the random constellations that appear in the background. Outside of his lack of a top hat, Dark Drizzy’s vampiric design, and of course that monocle, is just one that I’ve always enjoyed.

10. Axle the Red (Mega Man X5)

Axle the Red is one of the few non-animal-based Mavericks we’ve seen, and I’ve got to say it is nice to see someone whose design is a bit different now and again. This striking floral ninja-esque robot pays tribute to Gun’s-N-Roses frontman if you couldn’t tell already from the way he looks and his name. His quirky yet elegant attack pattern is pretty hard not to chuckle at, but it’s that and his flower-themed stage that adds to his charm. While the boss battle itself is pretty simple and straightforward, he still has some attacks that he will use to choke the ever-living crap out of you.

His stage more than makes up for this pretty easy boss battle. With tons of thorns all over the place, you’ll have to jump and dash your way through some pretty tight spots, really testing your inner platformer. In no way can I forget about his theme music – it is freaking incredible, and it will keep the blood pumping while trying to maneuver your way through this spike-filled deathtrap.

09.Double (Mega Man X4)

His name pretty much says it all. This guy is a double-crossing snake in the grass. Double drops in on one of Capcom’s best titles ever, Mega Man X4. He first takes the form of a fun-loving, clumsy, chubby little Reploid. Our secret double agent later reveals himself and his true intent near the end of the game. He’s sadistic, rude and just all-around evil, but it works so well for him. His theme, looks, and even attacks scream, “look at me. I’m an edgelord,” and believe me, he is. He hates you, and the way he continually tries to drive you into the ground or walls shows it.

08. Dark Mantis (Mega Man X8)

Our next entry is one of the few good Mavericks to come out for the Mega Man X series after 6. Mega Man X8 wasn’t as bad as 7, but it still had its fair share of problems. Luckily, Dark Mantis wasn’t one of them. His design oozes intimidation, with his curved scythe-like arm blades and his ninja-like appearance. Entirely shrouded in darkness, his stage is probably the most fun you’ll have in X8. In my opinion, it gives you a Metal Gear Solid kind of feel. His boss fight isn’t exactly challenging, but it is a lot of fun regardless. He’ll use the shadows to his advantage, striking out of nowhere, to be a real jerk. He will also try and suck all your damn energy away, because that’s what a Mantis does apparently. Still, everything about Dark Mantis is excellent, and thankfully Capcom’s creative team decided to spare him from the fate known as Mega Man X8.

07.Dynamo (Mega man X5)

He’s cocky, brash, and the all-around coolest guy in the world, or so he claims. Dynamo is another one of my favorite Mavericks. While he was technically “hired,” by Sigma, he’s still a Maverick in my book. His dialogue is hilarious, adding a little flair to his character’s otherwise goofy demeanor. Looking like a creative mix of Zero and Protoman, Dynamo’s design is one of the better ones that came along in Mega Man X5. Playing the typical mid-boss role, you face off against this arrogant android several times throughout the game and each time he runs away. So I guess he’s not that cocky. Each of those encounters can be a hassle since his attacks will change depending on who you’re using. Assaulting you with everything from spinning blades and energy shockwaves to the usual slashes and dashes, Dynamo’s comedic one-liners, sleek design, and relaxed attitude earned him a spot on the list.

06. Overdrive Ostrich (Mega Man X2)

There’s just no way you’d ever think the words badass ostrich would come out of anyone’s mouth, but being covered in blades probably helps. Hailing from Mega Man X2, Overdrive Ostrich is one ornery avian. Staying true to his name it’s made very clear from the start – everything is about speed.
Our turbo-fueled bipedal bird’s desert-themed stage not only has you blasting through a sandstorm on a hoverbike and destroying everything in your path. You then proceed to ride a cruise missile while having to blow it to pieces as it takes flight, dropping you front and center for the battle against our land bird foe.

The battle itself suits his name entirely, relying on his inner roadrunner to make leaping charges at you. Overdrive will then take to jumping in and out on the dunes in the background to smash you into a scrap pile. Staying on your toes or finding a way to slow him down is your only chance at victory.

05. Blaze Heatnix (Mega Man X5)

Mega Man X6 delivers on the action, music, and just overall fun of the series. One boss that stands out amongst the fire and bird-themed Mavericks is the mighty and regal looking Blaze Heatnix. Whatever a Heatnix is supposed to be, I will never know. Either way, this guy looks downright A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. He looks like if Storm Eagle had gotten a super transformation because he was tired of your crap.

When it comes to themes, his sits amongst some of the best in the entire franchise. It sounds like an overly epic Dragonforce song all the while keeping the heat burning as you race through the stage. While not offering the most challenging of boss battles, Blaze Heatnix still looks impressive and has one of the best songs to date, if that in itself is good enough reason to place him on this list.

04. Boomer Kuwanger (Mega Man X)

Derived from the actual Japanese word for a stag beetle and still confusing the hell out of me today, Boomer Kuwagner is still one of the most challenging stages and boss fights to date. Brother to another Mega Man baddie, Gravity Beetle, this nihilistic insect is pretty much one of the more interesting bad guys on the list. He only joins the Mavericks because “it’s more interesting.”

His entire mission takes place in the exterior and interior of a gigantic tower, full of wild jumps, motion detectors, and challenging climbing segments. The stage can be a supreme pain. Boomer Kuwagner uses his anime-esque ninja techniques of teleporting, boomerang throwing, and slamming you all over the room along with his shinobi-like design to make life hard for you.

One of my favorite boss battles of the entire franchise, Boomer delivers one hell of a boss battle. If you don’t have a quick trigger finger or something to track him down, you’re going to lose.

03. Vile (Mega Man X, X3, X8, Maverick Hunter X)

From the moment he shows up on the screen, this Boba Fett, Predator, and Judge Dredd clone made it clear he was here to leave his mark. He shows up and puts quite the beating on our titular hero and clarifies that you don’t mean squat to him. The loss and trash talk are more than enough to make you want to get in front of this guy with all your power-ups and make him a pile of scrap. Thankfully, you get several chances throughout the franchise.
With every appearance, one standout thing about this bad boy is his ride armors. He’s updated every single appearance with one goal on his mind, on putting X and Zero down for good.

Sadly it would take up until X3 for our boy to land his very own stage and theme song, which sucks because this bot oozes coolness. His popularity with the fans is so high that he becomes a playable character in the original X remake, Maverick Hunter X, further cementing his status.

02. Storm Eagle (Mega Man X)

If there is one thing that rings true throughout Capcom’s titular franchise, it is this – everybody loves STORM EAGLE! We all know the moment you drop on that airship and that first chord kicks in, it’s about to go down. One of the original X series eight Mavericks, he was willing to oppose Sigma, that’s until he saw he stood no chance.

His stage is nothing to laugh at either. Hopping between his many airships, you have to make some insanely risky jumps on some not so trusting platforms and pray you don’t plummet to your death below. Taking place upon an airship called the Death Rogumer, the fight with this raging raptor will literally blow you away. Straying away from the typical tiny cramped rooms, our dive-bombing bird of prey teaches you a valuable lesson while trying to murder you – the importance of dashing.

While not the most challenging of bosses, there’s no way to ignore the significance of Storm Eagle’s existence in the franchise and it’s one that has solidified itself in the upper echelon of Rockman X greatness.

01. Magma Dragoon (Mega Man X4)

MAGMA DRAGOON!!! This red hot reference to Street Fighter’s Akuma isn’t here for world domination or any typical villainous reasons. Nope! This mighty Maverick is here for one thing, and one thing only, and that’s to test his might against yours.

While his stage isn’t as great as some of our other fire-themed Mavericks on our list, taking your ride armor into the fray and that epic theme more than makes up for it. His battle is one I considered a test of skill for Zero players, and he’s typically the first person I go up against so that I can feel like a boss beating this guy Robo-a-Robo.

With his dragon-like appearance, epic theme, an explicit nod to Street Fighter, and even his own death scene, there is no one that deserves the top spot more than this blazing boss.

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