10 Tips To Know Before Starting Marvel’s Avengers

One Month Into Marvel’s Avengers Endgame and It Still Feels Like a Beta. Here are some key tips to make it less stressful

Bruce and Tony in Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers came out exactly one month ago. And while the first few weeks were pretty fun to play, especially in regards to the compelling Kamala Khan centered story campaign, the multiplayer grindfest has thus far proven to be not so fun. Almost 100 hours into it and I’ll admit it has gotten pretty annoying. Far removed from its Destiny predecessor that it’s trying so hard to be. At this point it’s pretty obvious that the system is flawed. The game glitches and bugs are beyond irritating and should be resolved by now four weeks into it, and the quests are getting repetitive and sometimes don’t even register. Likewise, even though the gameplay is superb, it can only carry the title so far. Especially for newcomers who don’t know what they’re doing. Which is the biggest problem with the game: no one tells what you’re supposed to do outside of finishing the campaign. So, I’m going to do my fellow players a favor and tell you everything they didn’t tell you. So without further ado, here are 10 tips I wish I had known before playing Marvel’s Avengers.

The Gang Rallies in 10 tips for Marvel's Avengers

Before Rushing Off To The Final Battle…

1. Take Your Time With The Campaign

It’s weird having to say this, but I know a lot of friends who rushed through the story so that we could play together. Fun fact, you don’t really miss out on anything if you prematurely begin The Avenger’s Initiative Multiplayer mode before finishing Campaign mode. There really is absolutely no need to rush the story especially because for now, you can’t even replay it. So enjoy the campaign while it lasts and play it at your own pace. It’s easily the best thing about the game.


2. Use Your Heroic Abilities As A Shield When In Danger

Whenever you use a heroic ability your character gains a split second invulnerable shield during its execution. Something which no one ever suggests or hints at. This can easily save your life in the more difficult modes, especially if you’re being staggered by enemies, or find yourself cornered and unable to break free. Heroics also execute in slow motion, buying you a few seconds into what you can decide to do.


3. Don’t Bother Upgrading That Much Early On 

It’s bizarre how long it takes to reach the higher power levels (not hero levels, that’s easy). Yet, upgrading equipment doesn’t really matter much in this game. You’ll always find better gear around the map. So besides unlocking the first few tiers of some items for abilities, it isn’t worth it to level everything all the way. Especially given that equipment scales to your power level (usually 1-10 points higher than your current level). In fact, it’s better to wait and power up a common item from level 90 to 100 at the cost of a few resources, than to power a legendary item from 85 to 95. At least until you hit equipment power level 130.


It’ll be tempting wanting to build-up these three but avoid investing in heroes early on. Farm smart, not often.


4. All Weapon Costs Rise Exponentially At Power Level 130

It isn’t until you attain power level 130 gear when you should really be spending resources to power things up to level 140. This is also the biggest complaint about the game: costs after level 130 raise to ridiculous amounts. We’re talking clearing out your entire stockpiles of resources amounts to fully level a hero. What’s worse is that you’ll need to have tons of upgrade Modules for everything after power level 130. Which is so ridiculously expensive that you’ll probably spend almost every fragment collected in the game on upgrade modules. Or even spend real-life money (which is how they get you).


5. Save Every Upgrade Module You Attain 

Again, I really wish someone warned me about this earlier. Upgrade modules are the rarest items that you’ll need more than an abundance of in the game. I’m guessing somewhere near a thousand. To make matters even more complicated, the game keeps patching the best Module Hunting farming techniques, so even at best right now, you’ll farm maybe 30-50 during a short session (unless you play all-day). You’ll need a lot of these cubes to max level a hero to power 150, and to make things worse, you’ll need heroes at level 140 (which means even more upgrade modules wasted) to grind for epic items at the Mega Hive. 


6. Specialize in Only One Hero Initially

Oddly enough, the easiest way to enjoy the multiplayer Endgame and not be unbearably frustrated is to specialize in only one particular hero. That way costs aren’t too bad and you can even play with friends or people online and not feel totally useless. It should also be noted that maxing one hero is very doable. Maxing the whole team? Well, that’s going to take you a very long time. 

Take Widow’s Advice, It’s better to be a solo Avenger.


7. Always Do Your Dailies

Your Daily Challenge quest on your player card is an easy way to farm resources but also unlocks skins and finishers. It is also the only way to farm polychoron. Likewise, villain sectors unlock DNA keys which can then be used on Shield Chests, which in turn, provide the most Upgrade Modules in the game… And yes, I understand how ridiculously circular that sounds. It’s frustrating AF and the whole reason I’m writing this guide.


8. Use Iron Man to Farm Resources

This is something I REALLY wished someone warned me about. Some people love or hate him, but to be straightforward: Iron Man is the best character to use to farm resources with. He can hack AIM terminals along with Black Widow, and his Hulk Buster mode is able to destroy breakable doors. Tony is the only character in-game who has no barring door restrictions. Atop of this, he can fly about the map too, all of which makes Tony the best character to farm chests, find shield vaults, and overall scout with. Be sure to get him to at least power level 140+ ASAP to farm upgrade modules and resources en masse during Challenge IV missions. 


9. Don’t Try Mega Hive Missions Until The Endgame 

Yeah, so, you can’t revive heroes in these missions, and to do it comfortably you’ll need characters at the 140 power level. Which is a very difficult grind to get there. If you’re efficient with the upgrade modules like I warned, and tried speed equipment power leveling (remember power level over rarity until 130), you’ll be there in no time.

I know how much you want to Smash Abomination in the face. Don’t just yet.


10. Open Shield Chests on Challenge Level IV 

So, the easiest way to farm upgrade modules is by opening Shield Chests on Challenge level 4 missions. I find them in Elite level Vault missions such as the Frozen Tundra Elite Vault but you can pick any mission with a Shield Chest so long as your hero is power level 140+ and your challenge level is set to IV. 

For those who want to follow my method in Frozen Tundra,  immediately head straight when the map starts, through the gate, and onto the first platform on the upper left. There will always be a Shield Chest but its location varies. Check the roof, nearby platforms, and foot of the building. From there, you can then battle the boss to the immediate right for another 3 upgrade modules, and then fly to the large tower in the map across from the satellite dish. Another Shield Chest will be there either on the second or third level. Doing this method will net you 33 upgrade modules a day (and is also the fastest method I know to collect upgrade modules after the patches), so long as you have your 2 DNA keys ready from battling the daily villain’s sector.

And that’s it. Marvel’s Avengers still has 3 confirmed upcoming DLCs that we know about. One featuring Kate Bishop, one with Hawk-Eye/Clint Barton, and an eventual Black Panther related storyline. And Spider-Man is making his debut sometime around winter (around the same time as the Miles Morales game). You can also check out our review of Marvel’s Avengers as well.

A screenplay and comic book writer who grew up on playing everything Blizzard and Final Fantasy, Christian is a part-time entertainment journalist who covers just about everything. He loves attending conventions, meeting fellow creatives, and of course, gaming.

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