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BPM: Bullets Per Minute Review (PC)

A Whole Different Kind Of Technological Boom   Although considered a genre unto itself, the truth is that first-person shooters are but a template. Over the years, many differing game styles have been built on the foundation of FPS, meshing it with role-playing, platforming, and random level generation. Obviously,…

Hotshot Racing Review (Switch)

Running in the ’90s     The ’90s were a magical time.  Technology in gaming was just starting the quantum leap forward from mostly 2D graphics to primarily 3D as the new “in” thing.  Though things started kind of rough, the primitive 3D aesthetic had its own charm in…

Adventures of Pip Review (Switch)

Cheerio!     It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down with a basic platformer. I suppose that isn’t necessarily a bad thing; highly technical platformers, like Mega Man or Shovel Knight, are an absolute blast, and Metroidvanias are essentially my gaming lifeblood. But that doesn’t mean…

Dyatlov Pass-inspired Survival Horror ‘Kholat’ Gets Limited Physical Release

Red Art Games releases a boxed Switch version of Kholat, limited to 2,800 copies Kholat, polish developer IMGN.PRO’s eerie survival horror title, inspired by the events of the tragic 1959 Dyatlov Pass Incident, has received a limited Switch physical release courtesy of Red Art Games. Priced at €29.99, the…
Kamala Khan with the rest of the Avengers

How Kamala Khan is What Makes Marvel’s Avengers

Kamala Khan’s journey as a Muslim American Fangirl turned superhero is the best thing about Marvel’s Avengers.         Lately, there’s been outrage about inclusivity in entertainment in both movies and gaming. Yet, while Kamala Khan could’ve easily been a mere token checkbox off a representation list, it’s evident…

Disgaea 4 Complete+ Is Now Available On PC

Out now on PC, Disgaea 4 Complete+‘s launch trailer showcases the SRPG’s cast and gameplay. Disgaea 4 Complete Plus+ is now available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Steam with a 25% launch week discount. First released for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch last October, Disgaea 4 Complete+…

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