AtGames’ Legends Universal Firmware Introduces New Features, Games, And More

Legends Universal Firmware version 5.x improves pAOX functionality, adds Taito Game Packs, and a vertical display mode.

Legends Universal

AtGames has released a new universal firmware update to introduce a host of new features to its line of Legends home arcade devices.

The Legends Universal Firmware version 5.x introduces a host of new features to the Legends Ultimate 1.0/1.1, Legends Gamer/Pro/Mini, Legends Core, Legends Connect, and Legends Pinball. These updates include the addition of Taito arcade Game Packs, a vertical display mode for compatible displays, enhancements and quality of life enhancements to the pAOX virtual pinball app, and global and BYOG leaderboard support for Farsight BYOG compatible games

You can find some of the highlights from updates 5.x below courtesy of AtGames:

pAOX 1.1

This update to the popular pAOX virtual pinball app now supports the following new features:

  • Auto button mapping based on client, e.g., Legends Ultimate, Legends Gamer, pinball kit accessory, etc., using JoyToKey

  • Cleaner execution and shutdown of VPX pinball engine and auxiliary processes

  • The Leprechaun King has a 16:9 ratio backglass design

  • Vertical play mode enabled for The Leprechaun King with more to follow

Vertical Display Mode

The Legends Arcade Platform family of products now supports displaying their user interfaces and games in standard landscape or vertical (horizontal/portrait) modes. Using the Vertical mode tile on the Settings page, users can play arcade and pinball games on monitors, TVs, or projectors that support portrait mode. In-game bezels and menus are also optimized for vertical displays when Vertical mode is active.

New Global Leaderboard Games

Compete for high scores in your choice of dozens of fun games with AtGames Leagues Leaderboards™ (ALL). This fan-favorite Legends Arcade Platform feature gets great additions with each new firmware update. 

BYOG Streaming Leaderboards

This new feature helped kick off Farsight Studios Month (September 2020). Leaderboard support and integration for incredible Farsight BYOG compatible games from Steam like Pinball Arcade and PBA Pro Bowling are now possible thanks to the power of the Legends Arcade Platform. 


Image showcasing the AtGames Legends Arcade Gamer home console.

AtGames’ online-supported and feature-rich Legends Arcade lineup caters to a wide variety of retro-minded gamers. It ranges from the $99 Legends Gamer Mini system, including 100 built-in arcade and home console classics, to the $599 enthusiast-grade Legends Ultimate upright cabinet that comes packed with 300 games.

You can find more details on AtGames’ Legends Arcade family of products at their official site.

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