Marvel’s Avengers Character Build Guide

Every Avenger Broken Down by RPG Class!

Marvel's Avengers Character Build Guide


Seeking to create the best possible Marvel’s Avengers character build? Fear not, we at Hey Poor Player have constructed a guide breaking down the best types of builds utilized in the game, all while using classic fantasy RPG styled character tropes. Because let’s face it, nothing beats that feeling of beating up some bad-guy butt save for rolling a critical hit on a fireballing d20. Fair warning, though: Thor cheats, as he’s duel classing as both Avenger and Viking Barbarian.


Black Widow: The Rogue

Black Widow character build guide

Easily the assassin class, Natasha can enter stealth to hide from her enemies. She’s also the most agile character in the game, able to get behind and flank enemy lines in a pinch. Black Widow can close in on specific enemies with her grappling hook and counter attackers with her trademark Widow Slam. She also is fantastic at picking off enemies from afar with her multitude of guns.

Must Take Perks: All her primary and mastery ranged attack skills as she’s the best shooter in the game. I’d also look into any perks that can boost her Power Surge heroic as that baton staff is the most broken stun weapon in the game.

Best At: Flanking and targeting specific enemies.

Weak At: Being flanked up-close as she’s not good when outnumbered.


Captain America: The Soldier

Like any good grunt, Captain America gets the job done. He doesn’t do anything too fancy and plays the role of an outright soldier. He can tank, draw fire, and counter almost anything thrown at him with his shield. He can also quick-attack away at any enemy to take care of business. A decent all-around fighter, Captain America excels at rushing in on the front lines and drawing enemy fire.

Must Take Perks: Focus on his primary and mastery Intrinsic abilities along with his efficiency mastery skills if you’re going for a tank build that likes to draw fire with his shield. If you’re going for a fighter, focus on his boosting his light attacks or ranged bouncing shield attacks. Though also be ready to dodge.

Best At: Rushing into Melee Combat. Ricochet attacks off enemies (Brooklyn Brawler is beastly in enclosed spaces)

Weak At: Sustaining Melee Combat without support. He works best supporting/defending allies and leading them into battle while he draws fire.


Hawkeye: The Ranger

At some point, I’ll actually feature Hawkeye in a Marvel’s Avengers Character Build Guide. But for now, I’m only adding Clint because it’s an obvious role they’ll likely be going for: the archer ranger. It’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate Hawkeye’s long-range abilities in the game as he’s more than likely going to serve a similar role to Widow except specializing on more attacks from afar.

Must Take Perks: I don’t know because I’m only adding him as he’s going to be released next month with his own story campaign along with Kate Bishop.

Best At: Long-range attacks given his nature.

Weak At: We’re not sure yet.


Hulk: The Berserker

This choice is obvious given that he is essentially rage incarnate. Hulk is a being born to devastate the field with damage, so it’s best to smash first and ask questions later. Hulk’s great at causing up-close havoc and destroying the field he’s on. However, his only drawback is that he’s dependent on incessantly building-up his attacks. The best melee character in the game, he’s most suited for taking out a large crowd of enemies or tanking.

Must Take Perks: His primary heavy attacks, particularly Tectonic Fury, which is the best AOE damage ability in the game. Beyond that, it comes down to your favorite type of Hulk build.

Best At: Destroying Everything around him.

Weak At: Getting Sniped at as he is a giant target. He’s prone to losing his combo as a result.


Iron Man: The Wizard

Iron Man casts things that devastate groups of enemies and focus fires enemies on the field. His weapon specialization comes down to your playstyle—some people like high damage AOE rockets, some like blasting with mid-range repulsors like in the movies. Personally, I love laser attacks as the focus fire is the highest DPS in the game and his Whirling Tempest is excellent for clearing the area around him.

Must Take Perks: All of his primary and mastery ranged attack skills as this is Iron Man’s specialty.

Best At: Destroying enemies from a distance with an arsenal of options.

Weak At: Melee in-your-face combat.


Kamala Khan: The Paladin

Kamala’s in a strange class where she can be a fighter, warrior, or Paladin. A Jill-of-all-trades, she’s excellent at dealing AOE damage and tanking. She also has a unique healing ability, which none of the other Avengers can offer. Atop of his, her Polymorph dodges all types of physical damage, making her the game’s most sustainable character.

Must Take Perks: It’s really up to you, but I like to focus on her primary and mastery intrinsic ability as Polymorph not only dodges allows her to dodge skillfully but also grants her unique AOE attacks too.

Best At: A little bit of everything.

Weak At: Her long-range capabilities are limited given her whip fist. Though it is useful in crowd control, it only can reach so far.


Thor: The Dragoon

A warrior who specializes in DPS and Elemental lightning attacks. He has a unique skillset in that he’s customizable for just about every situation and can enter a battle with immediate invulnerability. The God of Thunder is arguably the most broken character in the game as every one of his Hammer’s abilities are astoundingly powerful and situationally OP. The only catch is once he’s out of juice, he’s incredibly vulnerable to damage, so you’ll need to manage Odinforce accordingly.

Must Take Perks: Focus on Thor’s primary and mastery intrinsic abilities. Odinforce is key to sustaining his thunder. Otherwise, you can destroy just about anything as Thor.

Best At: Slaying and striking enemies with his Mighty Odinforce.

Weak At: Sustaining Health outside of Odinforce.


Agree with our Marvel’s Avengers character builds? Feel free to comment below on what builds worked for you. While you’re at it, feel free to look at our review of Marvel’s Avengers.

A screenplay and comic book writer who grew up on playing everything Blizzard and Final Fantasy, Christian is a part-time entertainment journalist who covers just about everything. He loves attending conventions, meeting fellow creatives, and of course, gaming.

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