Markiplier Just Got His First Ever YouTube Strike; Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal

YouTube and creators duke it out over… mascots duking it out.

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On September 1, 2020, Markiplier received his first ever YouTube strike over his four year old “Try Not To Laugh Challenge #2” video; the platform insisted that the clearly fake fight contained violent content, and, after “manual review,” the YouTuber’s video was taken down.

Markiplier’s video was called into review after another YouTuber, moist, initiated a twitter campaign bringing awareness to YouTube’s opaque policing efforts when he received a strike for the same video. Moist argued that the video was clearly not truly violent, whereas other videos featuring animal cruelty had been reported numerous times were still allowed to remain up.

In an effort to draw attention to YouTube’s unfair application, moist tweeted at both YouTube and Markiplier with a screenshot of Markiplier’s 2016 video and asked if they would be applying the strike to his channel as well. Markiplier, who has consistently spoken out about the issues with YouTube’s lack of communication, quote tweeted moist’s sentiments and asked YouTube for a strike as well, stating “fair is fair.”

Neither moist nor Markiplier were assuming YouTube would truly get back to them about the ruling, but both were surprised when Markiplier did indeed receive a strike hours after tweeting at YouTube. “Really hoping youtube doesn’t strike Mark. It’s obviously a silly decision in the first place and I hope youtube will do the right thing and recognize the strike was a mistake and get rid of it” moist tweeted late last evening. Hours later, he was shocked by YouTube’s decision.

Markiplier shared his sentiments. “Giving me a strike for what is basically retaliation for me reporting myself is just petty” he said in his newest YouTube video criticizing the decision. In his 12 minute long video, he explains to viewers the number of different ways the situation could have been handled differently with respect to the content creators. Messaging him to take the video down, edit out the offending portion, and trusting the community reports are a few of the ways in which Markiplier believes YouTube can create a better environment for both content creators and viewers.

Within minutes of Markiplier’s video being published, YouTube took to Twitter to state that they were removing the strikes from both moist and Markiplier’s channels and putting the videos back up.

Both moist and Markiplier commended YouTube’s decision to rectify their error, hoping for greater communication in the future.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Markiplier has felt the need to make videos shedding light on YouTube’s policies. In 2012, YouTube banned Markiplier’s first adsense account and denied any sort of appeal, prompting the creator to make a new YouTube account, MarkiplierGAME. He has since released videos discussing issues regarding YouTube, such as 2019’s “YouTube has a huge problem…” wherein he criticized the automated systems that were suspending accounts “without reason or provocation and all appeals are getting denied without explanation.”

Even though YouTube’s decision has been reversed, the strike against Markiplier shows that there is little knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes; while it’s one thing for viewers to not understand how the sausage is made, creators should feel that they have a line of communication, or in the very least some transparency. It was abundantly clear moist was correct — the video featured fake violence tamer than what is shown on WWE — but despite YouTube’s insistence that a human reviewed the video, the ruling remained.

It should not take a YouTuber with 26.7 million subscribers to receive a point of contact within YouTube; without the content creators, YouTube has nothing to offer. And while Markiplier points out the overwhelming amount of video uploaded to YouTube daily — approximately 82 years worth of content in a single day — he also offers constructive criticism to fix the issues, which all boil down to communication and trust. Markiplier receiving a strike underlines the heart of the problem he’s been stating for years: YouTube offers little by means of communication with its creators, and that has to change.

Although the strikes have been removed and the videos reinstated, it remains to be seen if YouTube will listen to the creators that power their platform and engage in healthy discussion or continue to make them feel as if they are, as Markiplier stated, “cogs in the advertising machine.”

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