Diving for Scallops: Pascal, Pearls, and Mermaid DIYs! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

Don’t be a creeper.
animal crossing scallop

Been having fun in the sun with your new wetsuit? Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have scavenged countless goodies beneath the underwater depths, not the least in those nightmare-inducing scallops. (No, seriously, have you seen the eyes on those things?) The key to earning gorgeous Mermaid-themed DIYs, your new stalker friend in Pascal’s on the hunt for succulent clams, and he’ll happily share his furniture how-tos in exchange for your shell stash — all it takes is some serious diving, beach-combing, and maybe watching your back.

Can you not, like, sneak behind me like that, maaan?

No, really, get ready to swim some laps — scallops aren’t easy to come by, and the all-too-frequent likes of sea anemone and acorn barnacles may well induce the same repetitive madness of your local sea bass. Regardless, remember your diving basics: press Y to submerge, then tap B to swim, and scan for prey via air bubbles and underwater shadows. You can dive down to grab a critter, but your nautical neighbors are a slippery lot, so you may find them easier to catch simply by chasing their ocean-floor shadows.

animal crossing scallop

Once you’ve caught a scallop, an old friend in Pascal will suddenly emerge right behind you; no, really, just look at the header — for all his divine wisdom, he’s yet to realize shadowing one for treats registers a ten on the creepazoid scale. At least he’s polite enough to request a scallop first — in the event you haven’t donated a scallop to your museum, you may want to consider declining, but accepting his offer will earn you a special mermaid-based DIY! He’ll soon depart afterwards, but not before delivering one of his many classic philosophies; in my case, he suggested overcoming the blues by tossing a sad poem into a volcano. Hmm, lava therapy…

Oh, and you’re probably wondering about Pascal’s spawn rate; truth is, we don’t know — we’ve heard everything from his absence on your very first scallop to popping up numerous times a day. What we can confirm, however, is that Pascal arrives even when another special guest’s visiting the island.

Here, Pearly, Pearly, Pearly…

animal crossing scallop

So now you’ve obtained your first mermaid DIY! However, a potential problem might arise: you lack pearls! You guessed it: those luscious orbs of the deep are one of the forty new specimens lurking in the ocean depths, and they’re not easy to come by, either. Just like scallops, you’ll be regularly diving and swimming if you want to complete mermaid collection. (Or trading online Animal Crossing groups — your choice!) However, it’s been reported that Pascal will offer to trade a pearl for one of your scallops, so take up his offers whenever you can; remember, it’s all for that pearl-ty furniture! (Get it? Pearly? Pretty? Yes, I’ll see myself out…)

Mermaid puns? I got nothing.

animal crossing scallop

All in all, the beautiful mermaid catalog consists of 12 recipes; in addition to pearls and scallops, you’ll also be tossing in some seashells and even a pinch of stones and iron nuggets. In the event you’re hoarding some giant clams, now’s the time to deplete your stash since they forge over half the catalog! We’ve taken the liberty of listing the entire mermaid inventory below alongside their respective ingredients:

  • Mermaid Bed (2 Pearls, 2 Giant Clams, and 5 Sand Dollars)
  • Mermaid Chair (1 Pearl, 2 Giant Clams, and 2 Sand Dollars)
  • Mermaid Clock (1 Pearl, 3 Sea Snails, 2 Coral, and 2 Iron Nuggets)
  • Mermaid Dresser (2 Pearls, 1 Giant Clam, 3 Coral)
  • Mermaid Flooring (2 Pearls, 5 Sand Dollars, 5 Stones)
  • Mermaid Lamp (1 Pearl, 3 Conches, 2 Coral, and 2 Iron Nuggets)
  • Mermaid Screen (2 Pearls, 3 Giant Clams, and 5 Sand Dollars)
  • Mermaid Sofa (1 Pearl and 10 Sand Dollars)
  • Mermaid Shelf (1 Pearl, 1 Giant Clam, and 4 Coral)
  • Mermaid Table (1 Pearl and 4 Sand Dollars)
  • Mermaid Vanity (1 Pearl, 1 Giant Clam, 2 Coral, and 2 Iron Nuggets)
  • Mermaid Wall (2 Pearls, 2 Sea Snails, 2 Sand Dollars, 2 Coral, and 2 Giant Clams)

And that’s it for our scallop-fishing guide! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, but in the meantime, check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub!

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