Swimming Shenanigans: Swimsuits and Sea Critters! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

The best of summer memories!
animal crossing swimming guide

Bust out the floats, put on some sunscreen, and don your wetsuits: it’s swimming time! Well, okay, you won’t need the first two for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but the new July update brings back a familiar feature in reading water. Just like in New Leaf, you can finally go for a soak and dive for sea critters — ah, a most pleasant pastime worthy of an island paradise! In our guide below, we discuss how to procure your new swimming duds as well as the new aquatic friends you can donate to the museum.

Get Dat Wetsuit!

animal crossing swimsuit guide

Once you’ve downloaded the 1.3.0 July patch, Isabelle’s morning announcements will share that Nook Inc. has cleared your island’s surrounding ocean as safe for swimming! She’ll encourage everyone to obtain their own wetsuit, but where to obtain one? Why, at Nook’s Cranny, naturally! Just check the cabinet to find your new swim-gear available at a price of 3,000 bells. Like various other outfits, these babies rotate in different colors, so check back daily if your first wetsuit color’s not up your alley. (By the way, did we mention Nook Stop’s now offering a black/blue Nook-themed wetsuit? Remember it’ll take a day to arrive, though.)

(By the way, Nintendo also delivered a special snorkel in the mail — totally optional for swimming, but more than appropriate for your summer wardrobe!)

Let’s Go Swimming!

animal crossing swimming guide

Now put on that wetsuit via your inventory, and you’re ready to go! (And don’t bother removing your clothes prior — your previous outfit will return once you take off your wetsuit.) There’s two ways to enter the water: either simply approach the waves on any one of your beaches and press A, or dive off any of the piers and rocks decorating your island. (Or, really, anywhere bordering the sea.) You’ll undoubtedly want to commemorate your first tropical swim with a big splash, so choose your preferred diving platform, press A, and watch your human cannonball soar!

Now that you’re one of the sea, why not get adjusted to your surroundings? Move the control stick to simply tread water, A to paddle along, and Y to dive. You can swim back to shore whenever you’ve had enough, but we imagine you’re busy having fun in the sun.

Sea Creatures

animal crossing swimming guide

You’ll undoubtedly come across curious bubble-spouts not even ten seconds into your first swimming venture — dive into them, and your villager avatar will emerge with a special underwater prize; namely, sea creatures! From urchins to sea anemone, up to forty new aquatic friends can be donated to your local museum; naturally, they’ll hang out in the aquarium, so why not check out their new digs? Of course, you’re also free to decorate your home/island with urchins aplenty, or perhaps sell off your starfish surplus. We’ll update this guide with seasonal/time schedules for when you can catch these critters, so stay tuned! (Scallops and Pearls — vital components of Mermaid-themed DIY — are also obtainable via diving, which we discuss in our Pascal guide here.)

Oh, and don’t forget: you’ll now obtain Nook Miles by diving for deep-sea specimens, so you may want to consider incorporating swimming into your regular Animal Crossing routine. (Hey, that Raymond black market ain’t gonna pay for itself…)

And that’s it for your wetsuit how-to! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, but in the meantime, check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub!

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