Where to Find Every Weapon in The Last of Us Part II

Every Gun and Weapon in The Last of Us Part II 



The Last of Us 2 is a massive game compared to the original, with lots of skill trees to unlock and weapons you can utilize. Thankfully, holsters will inevitably be found at different checkpoints throughout the game. As for weapons, some are given in the story, but the rest can be found in safes or on persons. Here is a list of where to find every findable weapon to unlock the High Caliber Trophy.

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Pump Action Shotgun:


Seattle Day 1, Downtown. Westlake Bank on 5th and James. Inside the vault safe in the hands of the corpse of a bank robber.


Stun Bomb:


Seattle Day 1, Downtown. Fedra Temple Dome. On a guard tower just outside of the building.


Trap Mine:


Seattle Day 1, Capitol Hill. At the motel, after escaping the WLF, check the dumpster on wheels to the right. Push it up to the window and hop on into the apartment to find a trap mine on the bed.




Seattle Day 2, Hillcrest. Eventually, you’ll naturally find it during a boss fight in a garage with an infected archer.


Silenced Submachine Gun :


Santa Barbara, Pushing Inland. This weapon is given to you as part of the story.





Pipe Bomb:


Seattle Day 1, On Foot. Listen to Manny at the warehouse and find supplies to build a pipe bomb on the nearby cart.


Hunting Pistol:


Seattle Day 1, On Foot. After leaving the boat shop, check the trailer in the middle and find the safe code for ‘The Big Win’ via a lottery ticket with the safe code circled. Afterward, before dropping onto the train yard, check the crack on the wall to the right and find the safe with the hunting pistol.


Double-Barrel Shotgun:


Seattle Day 1, Hostile Territory. During the segment with the Asian stores, check the third building: The Red Dragon. Reach the second floor here and jump across the roof to the other building. Drop down into a hole into the antique shop. The shotgun is behind the counter.




Seattle Day 1, The Coast. While traversing through the boat, you’ll inevitably run into a corpse with the crossbow. Take it and use it against some of the clickers in the area.




Seattle Day 2, The Descent. After the sky bridge, you’ll have to descend through a hotel. Keep heading down and then check the couch or the nearby bathroom. You’ll find the Flamethrower in one of these locations (it changes position).




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