How to Unlock Every Safe in The Last of Us Part II

Every Safe Code and Location in The last of Us Part II

Ellie looks at Seattle's hospital in Last of Us Part II

Here’s where to find and solve every safe location.

Much like the Resident Evil series, safe and code-cracking has now become a full-on puzzle added into the Last of Us Part II’s gameplay. And while the original game featured safes as a find-a-password/crack-a-safe mechanic, this time around, unlocking safes is a bit more complicated. Below, is an easy to follow guide on how to open and where to find every safe in the game and their respective passwords. This includes a comprehensive look at Part 2, which I’ve written in little details as to avoid spoilers.

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Part One

On Patrol, Jackson Supermarket:


On patrol with Dina at the top floor of the supermarket after climbing a truck. It is found just after putting on masks due to spores. The clue is: “Date my good boy got employee of the month.” You’ll find a dog on the employee of the month notice board marked 07/2013.

Code: 07-20-13


Seattle Day 1 Downtown, Courthouse:


Inside the Courthouse, head past the elevator shaft and break the window for the backroom and enter. There’s a whiteboard with a safe combination next to a deceased soldier with a machete. The safe is underneath a desk.

Code: 86-07-22


Seattle Day 1 Downtown, Westlake Bank:


After clearing the room of the infected, check the bank vault behind the counter, inspect the body for the code and obtain the shotgun inside. As a treat: there’s another Naughty Dog game artifact you can collect in one of the safety deposit boxes.

Code: 60-23-06


Seattle Day 1 Downtown, Gate West 2:


In the center cabin where the main gate needs power to be opened, break inside and look for the corner filing cabinet to find a code for the Gate West 2 safe. The gate itself is located on Madison between 5th and 6th, just south-west of the Courthouse and north of the checkpoint.

Code: 04-51


Seattle Day 1 Capitol Hill, Thrift Store:


At the Wellwishes thrift store after navigating through claymore tripwires. In the back is a note hinting at the code. In the adjacent bathroom, you’ll find Staci’s number on graffiti by a toilet: ‘For a good time: 206-555-0133’. To the left of that is a room with the safe and a clicker.

Code: 55-01-33


Seattle Day 1 The Tunnels, Corridor:


After battling Shamblers for the first time, you’ll find yourself in a room with a breakroom and kitchen for a short reprieve. Check the table here for a note hinting at you to check the vending machines, where you’ll find a can of soda with parts of the safe code. You’re supposed to guess the rest.

Code: 15243


Seattle Day 2 Hillcrest, Garage:


Check the back alley in Hillcrest for a garage whose door is barred behind a green dumpster. Fair warning: lots of infected inside. However, the safe combination is on the kitchen wall of the bar by the pet store all the way across the street.

Code: 30-82-65


Seattle Day 2 Seraphites, Apartment Bedroom:


You’ll find this safe as you head toward the Hospital on Route 5, just after leaving the theatre. Check the top floor of the apartments to the left. To enter, either climb the truck from the building’s opposite side (not the one by the front entrance) or enter through the basement window. The door to the apartment is locked, so take the fire escape to the balcony and break into the side window. A note inside says the combination is set to the inhabitants’ 30th wedding anniversary, which you can solve via clues inside.

Code: 10-08-83


Seattle Day 2, Weston’s Pharmacy:


After encountering the Seraphites, you’ll swim to a new location where to the side, is a large concrete building along with Weston’s Pharmacy. Behind the register is the safe code. Crawling under a hole in the nearby wall will get you behind the locked door where the safe’s located between shelves.

Code: 38-55-23


Seattle Day 3, Flooded City:


As you navigate with the boats, you’ll hit a gate where you need to pull open with a chain. Beside it is a locked fence with a safe. Head upstairs to find a body with the safe code. Across the same room, push the trolly away and climb into the hole. Follow the path behind the fence and access the safe.

Code: 70-12-64


Part Two



Seattle Day 1, On Foot:


Just beyond the ladder and boat hanger puzzle, break into a cabin via the window. There is a note about some stashed guns detailing ‘The Big Win’ as the combination. Check the Lotto number on the nearby corkboard. The safe is in the warehouse building across the cabin, where you can enter via a crack to the left.

Code: 17-38-07


Seattle Day 1, Jasmine Bakery:


In Hostile Territory, you’ll find this bakery on the first shop on the left. It has a purple sign. The combination is in the ruby dragon restaurant two buildings down, where upstairs, you’ll have to battle clickers. Afterward, crawl into the room and run-jump across the street to the balcony. There, you’ll find a letter with the combination atop a cardboard box.

Code: 68-96-89


Seattle Day 1, Boat Safe:


On the Coastal level, find a grounded boat where you’ll find a crossbow and the note as part of the supplies within a tiny encampment bed. The safe is on the bridge/back of the ship.

Code: 90-77-01


Seattle Day 2, Apartment Safe:


At the sky bridge, there’s an apartment with some D&D styled equipment on the table during the collapsed freeway segment. Inside, you’ll find a back-and-forth letter-between-neighbors mentioning the code: their apartment numbers combined. You can confirm just outside.

Code: 30-23-04


Seattle Day 3, Gym Safe/WiFi Password:


After falling from the sky bridge into the pool, you’ll land in the gym. The safe is in the room opposite of the Lobby reception desk by the exit. Check the noticeboard at the back of the coffee shop for the note explaining the safe code is the same as the Wi-fi. Check the walls by the gym for the public Wi-Fi password.

Code: 12-18-79

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