Gritty Cyberpunk FPS ‘Project Downfall’ Gets Free Demo On Steam

Get ready to paint the metropolis of Crimson Tide red in the demo for Project Downfall, now available on Steam.

Project Downfall


A free demo is now available on Steam for MGP Studios’ brutal, reflex-based cyberpunk FPS Project Downfall.

Described as a “fast-paced action puzzle with lethal consequences,” Project Downfall first released on Steam Early Access last year. To highlight the changes the game has undergone since it first debuted, one-man developer MGP Studios has released a pair of trailers which you can find below:

Those eager to get a taste of the game’s bloody, neon-saturated action can download the demo here.

Now in development for PC, Xbox One, and Switch, Project Downfall features a wide variety of guns and melee weapons to choose from, a non-linear story, and a unique combo system based around self-medicating your character with time-altering pills. The game has received substantial updates since it first appeared on Early Access and will receive another update later this month, which will include the first unlockable console game, Chaingun Harry.

You can find a list of the most substantial updates Project Downfall has received below courtesy of the game’s publisher:


  • A completely reworked first-person control system, and the benefits of it are HUGE! Movement is much more fluid, with greatly improved physical interaction, and also the possibility to interact with objects according to their defined mass are only naming a few of these benefits.
  • Entirely changed graphics and animations for certain weapons, like the assault rifle or knife. There are also new unarmed melee attacks, moves, and animations, and new weapons such as a double-barreled shotgun, popshot, or spec AR.
  • Many destructible elements have been added, with many more to come. Now you can superkick and kill enemies with whatever you can find around you and turn into a weapon. Tables, barrels, garbage, containers, even hydrants or cars – you name it! Make enemies chip away at cover if they see you going behind it. Kick, smash or shoot enemies through destructible elements or even walls. The possibilities for fun are vast and only limited by your imagination.
  • Multiple endings and a branching storyline – delve down the mouth of madness or discover a deeply rooted conspiracy. Or maybe just live up to your moniker as the Crimson Reaper? The plot can take drastically different turns depending on your choices.
  • Day-based progression instead of regular level-based progression. Due to non-linearity, the game plays out over the course of 8 days. Depending on your choices, you might have different levels play out at a given day of the game’s timeline.
  • Multiple obscure stats and consequences. Just like in Dark Souls, seemingly small, obscure, unimportant choices might greatly impact how the game plays out, or even lead you down one path instead of another.
  • A longer, atmospheric slow-burn intro has been added to the game, as well as heavily updated initial levels.
  • Awareness indicator. You can also set up the sixth sense awareness indicator with the 3D sounds, which will indicate from which direction danger is approaching.
  • And of course, more levels, enemies, guns, and cool tunes!



So, what do you think of the look of Project Downfall? Will you be downloading the demo to test your skills in the gritty European Mega-City of Crimson Tide? Sound off below and let us know.

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