Summer Shell Guide: How to Find, All Recipes, and Different Hemispheres (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

She sells sea shells by the seashore!
summer shells animal crossing

Remember how useless shells were in previous Animal Crossing games? Sure, fledgling villagers may’ve sold a conch or two to help pay off their first home loan, but their pitiful prices rendered them inadequate for ballooning mortgages. Now, they’re a vital component of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ DIY economy by feeding into our fish-catching routines and forging expensive furniture, and the game’s latest summer update adds a new type to the mix: summer shells! The basis for eight new recipes, our latest guide has everything you need to know about these cool blue shells!

Mind Your Hemispheres!

First thing’s first, what hemisphere did you set your New Horizons island in? As it happens, this holiday occurs at different time-spans depending on which one selected; for Northern Hemisphere players, summer shells can be found from June 1st until August 31st, while Southern Hemisphere players can enjoy this event from December 1st to the end of February. In case you’re stuck with the latter, don’t fret: time travel’s always an option, and in case t all your fans are stuck in the south, there’s plenty of Northern Hemisphere players willing to share their summer shell haul. (Might I recommend the Animal Crossing: Trading Post Facebook group?)

Where to Find Shells and Recipes

summer shells animal crossing

After Isabelle’s relevant morning announcement, you’ll find summer shells along the beach — keep a close eye on sea-blue shells in the shape of conches/sea snails. As always, they’ll stack, so don’t fret about making more room! As for the recipes, Isabelle will automatically download a shell wreath recipe onto your Nookphone during the morning the announcements, however, she may hold off on this recipe during certain events. (For instance, if a villager is moving out, she’ll likely wait until next morning before sharing)

As for the rest? Like always, you’ll find the other recipes floating on those mysterious floating presents. As Animal Crossing World points out, there’s different strategies to deciphering their flight paths; for instance, they’ll always float towards one direction up until 6 PM, when they’ll change course into the opposite direction! Meanwhile, it’s worth remembering the balloon presents operate on a five-minute schedule; putting this way, after four minutes past the hours; they’ll potentially spawn every five minutes. (Ever wondered why they’re so frequent? Now you know!)

(By the way, in case you’ve been wondering where all the young spring bamboo went, those were seasonal too; in this case, they were exclusive to spring, so they rotated out with summer shells. Did you reserve any extras?)


summer shells animal crossing

To reiterate: there are eight new recipes involving summer shells. We’ve compiled them all below, so take heed!

  • Starry-sands flooring (3 summer shells, 1 sandy-beach flooring)
  • Underwater flooring (3 summer shells, 3 coral)
  • Underwater wall (3 summer shells, 3 coral)
  • Water flooring (6 summer shells)
  • Tropical vista (5 summer shells)
  • Shellfish pochette (6 summer shells, 2 giant clams)
  • Shellfish wand (3 summer shells, 3 star fragments)
  • Shell wreath (1 summer shell, 1 sea snail, 1 sand dollar, 1 coral, 1 giant clam, 1 cowrie)


Scratching your head at the sandy-beach flooring? It’s a random DIY recipe you can find, so either keep an eye out on bottleld DIYs/villager crafting or consult internet trading posts. Meanwhile, check out our Celeste guide on how to earn star fragments!

And that’s all we have to share regarding summer shells! In the meantime, why not check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub?

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