How to Complete Label’s Fashion Challenges in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Walk, walk, fashion, baby

There’s a saying that goes “the best things come in threes,” which definitely applies to the Able Sisters. While Sable and Mable run the Able Sisters shop, Label (the artist formerly known as Labelle) is a travelling fashion designer who shows up in your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island from time to time. Why? To study fashion, of course, and she needs your help! Want to learn how to complete Label’s challenges and win fabulous prizes? Of course you do — read on!

First up, you’re going to have to go through a series of steps to even be able to get Label to come to your island, including building Nook’s Cranny, followed by building Able Sisters. Once you have both those shops up and running, Label will finally visit on weekdays from 5 AM until midnight. Like Leif, Kicks, and Mabel before the Able Sisters turned brick and mortar, she’ll be standing right in front of resident services.

Approaching her will initiate a conversation wherein she explains the reason behind her visit — she’s studying fashion, and she needs your help. How? By building an outfit around a single piece of clothing while adhering to a specific theme. She’ll name the theme, then give you something to kickstart ideas, like a shirt or jacket; after that, it’s on you to come back with a cohesive look (like a straight up lewk, hunty) that dazzles according to the guidelines.

There are 11 possible fashion themes she can assign:

  • Comfy: “Something you’d wear if you were lounging around the house or, say, relaxing in front of the TV.”
  • Everyday: “Something you’d wear on an ordinary day. Simple-yet-stylish clothing you can wear for all sorts of occasions.”
  • Fairy Tale: “Let knights, princesses, and storybook characters of all kinds be your inspiration.”
  • Formal: “Try on the kind of super-nice clothes you’d wear to a fancy restaurant… or to your cousin’s graduation ceremony.”
  • Goth: “Think… dark and moody! Try an outfit you might wear on Halloween… or one you might wear to scare your mother.”
  • Outdoorsy: “Imagine you’re going for a hike or perhaps camping. What would you wear? You could also try on some casual, loose-fitting clothes. Just imagine yourself at a picnic in the park.” 
  • Party: “Say you and your best friend were going to a fancy soiree. Just imagine the fabulous clothes you’d wear!”
  • Sporty: “Try clothes that are comfortable to move around in, or maybe something an athlete would wear.”
  • Theatrical: “Theatrical, something that shouts ‘I’m the star of this show!’ It could also be something a musician or a pop star might wear. You could also dress as if you were singing in an opera or acting in a play.”
  • Vacation: “Just think about what you’d wear on a leisurely summer trip, or one of those big resorts. Try imagining yourself relaxing in the countryside or soaking up the sun on the beach.”
  • Work: “Something professional, like a suit. The clothes a chef or a doctor would wear works too.”

After receiving the clothing item, head on over to your wardrobe to change. In this example, I was given a formal theme and a green military jacket, so I put on some white pants, nice dress shoes, a monocle, and a fancy wig to complete the look. Hope my cousin appreciates me rockin’ this ‘fit to their graduation… it’s called fashion, sweaty, look it up!

As far as getting the most out of this challenge and doing it correctly, there isn’t really a lot to offer in terms of advice except to definitely use the piece of clothing she’s given you, then craft an outfit around it. By using the item she’s given you, you’re already halfway there in terms of prize tiers so it’s an easy win in terms of getting exactly what she wants done. This whole island is your runway, so run with it!

Once you’ve put together a legit lewk, head back over to Label to receive feedback. Pose for her, pose for her, pose, and she’ll look you over from toe to nose. Evaluation over, she’ll let you know how much she liked your outfit, then give you a prize or two according to how well you did.

Upon completion of the challenge, Label gifts all players a tailors ticket through the mail, which can be used in the Able Sisters shop in lieu of Bells. Each tailors ticket can be traded for a single clothing item worth up to 3,000 Bells, which is fantastic considering how easy it is to drop cold hard cash on all colors of a particular piece of clothing.

If you did pretty well at the challenge, you can earn additional prizes, such as Labelle designer clothing and more tailors tickets. Additionally, your friendship with Label will increase, which, considering how Nintendo has been slowly doling out the updates, is likely to come in handy later on.

The rewards tiers are as follows:

  1. Not Great (no items fit the theme): 1 tailors ticket, low friendship level increase
  2. Normal (one item fit the theme): 1 tailors ticket, medium friendship level increase
  3. Good (two items fit the theme): 1 tailors ticket, medium friendship level increase, 1 item from the Labelle fashion line
  4. Great (three or more items fit the theme): 2 tailors tickets, high friendship level increase, 1 item from the Labelle fashion line

The Labelle fashion line item she gifts you will also now be unlocked in the Able Sisters store and periodically available for purchase.

Please note that, while the Labelle fashion line item is gifted immediately, the tailors ticket(s) will be available next day via the mailbox.

Nails, hair, heels, hips, did this guide give you good tips? If so, be sure to check out the rest of them at the Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub!

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