International Museum Day Guide: Stamps, Plaques, and More! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)

Happy Blathers Day!

Did you know that May 18 is International Museum Day? Me either, until I time traveled forward a few hours to sell shells to the Nooklings and literally stumbled upon an apparently very important holiday for my little island. As it would turn out, Blathers has a very special day planned for all museum patrons, and with prizes to boot (or hoot, maybe?)!

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First, up, make sure you actually *have* a museum. Read more about how to open the museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons here.

Assuming you’re good to go there, keep in mind you’re also going to need an internet connection to take advantage of this free update. Got it? Good. Now then — it’ll all begin when Isabelle does her daily announcements where she discusses the news. From May 18 through May 31, your island will be holding a daily event in honor of International Museum Day, so head on over to the museum to learn more.

Interacting with Blathers will get him to explain the event — a stamp rally! The premise is extremely simple: in the three original sections of the museum (Bugs, Fish, and Fossils), Blathers has set up three stamp stations.

Interacting with each stamp station will open up a short bit of text pertaining to the area the stamp station is in, followed by some animation wherein your stamp card receives a stamp.

Reading your stamp card should give you a clear indicator of where to head next, although you can pretty much find all of them very easily simply by wandering around the entirety of the museum.

Be sure to also check out the blue spots on the floor, as they’re great photo ops!

Make the rounds through all three original sections of the museum (art section excluded at this time) to get all three stamp cards… well, stamped, then head on back to Blathers.

The knowledgeable owl will hardly be able to contain his excitement when he sees that your stamp cards have been filled out.

He’ll give your card an official Blathers stamp of approval to mark your rounds finished; additionally, he’ll also give you a prize for your efforts — a bug plaque for the completed bug stamp card, a fish plaque for the completed fish plaque card, and a fossil plaque for the completed fossil plaque card.

Now, you may remember that the event is going on until the end of May. You’re welcome to go back each day and complete the challenge over and over again — the only thing that changes are the stamp station locations.

You’ll still be able to earn plaques to your heart’s content, but no other prizes will be given out at this time. If you’re into having multiples of these kinds of items, you have about two weeks to collect your prizes — otherwise, this is definitely a one and done type deal.

Happy International Museum Day, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players!

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