Piko Interactive Now Owns The Rights To The Neo Geo Fighter ‘Rage of the Dragons’

Piko Interactive’s acquisition of the IP rights to Rage of the Dragons could point to a possible new physical run of the desirable Neo Geo fighter



In a bit of welcome news for retro gamers, Piko Interactive has announced that they have acquired the IP rights to the Neo Geo fighter, Rage of the Dragons.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Piko specializes in producing new games for classic hardware and bringing retro titles to digital distribution platforms. In a message posted today announcing the acquisition, the publisher claimed they are currently working on plans for the title.

Initially released in 2002 for the Neo Geo home and arcade hardware, Rage of the Dragons is a 2v2 tournament fighter featuring a dial-a-combo system, making it a somewhat unusual fighter for the platform. The game was developed in partnership between Mexican video game developer Evoga and Noise Factory, who produced such late-era Neo Geo titles as Sengoku 3, Power Instinct: Matrimelee, and Metal Slug 4 (alongside South Korean studio Mega Enterprise).

Whether this means a new cartridge run for Neo Geo hardware or a more straightforward port to modern consoles remains to be seen. Several studios have moved to release new Neo Geo AES and MVS runs of their titles, such as NGDEV’s love letter to Metal Slug, Kraut Buster, and Bitmap Bureau’s Smash TV-inspired shooter Xeno Crisis. Given Piko Interactive’s history of manufacturing new cartridges for classic consoles like the Sega Genesis, Super NES, and Atari Jaguar, we wouldn’t exactly rule this possibility out.

So, what are your thoughts on Piko Interactive acquiring the rights to Rage of the Dragons? Are you hoping they produce a fresh run of cartridges for this very desirable Neo Geo brawler?

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