How to Find Celeste, Shooting Stars, and All DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

When you wish upon a star…or 2…or 200…

By now, you’ve probably run into this cute lil owl baby a time or two on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you have, you’re probably here for DIY information — great! We gotchu. If you’re new to the game and wondering how to find precious Celeste, read on, and we’ll get you squared away!

First up — finding Celeste, like other animal visitors to your island, isn’t always easy. Sometimes Isabelle will mention a meteor shower in her daily announcements, meaning Celeste won’t be too far behind; other times, you’ll legitimately bump into the little owlet without any sort of prior fanfare. Either way, the only commonality these scenarios share is that she appears at night — she won’t be around during the daytime, so don’t bother searching for her when the sun’s out.

After you run into her, she’ll introduce herself and give you some pointers on shooting stars. Tips like looking up and pressing “a” to wish upon a shooting star, remarking that stars often come right after the other, and astrology lessons are all on offer when interacting with Celeste. She’ll then give you a DIY which will require star fragments and then continue wandering aimlessly while enjoying the night sky.

Now, here’s the thing — sometimes Celeste will show up during a gorgeous meteor shower with dozens upon dozens of shooting stars. When this happens, go to an area with few buildings and look up. The shooting stars will make a sound as they soar across the sky, and by pressing “a” when hearing this sound, your character will close their eyes and hold their hands to their chest. You can earn Nook Miles for this for up to 200 wishes, so wish away, villagers!

There are times, however, when Celeste appears on a cloudy night. When this happens, time travel an hour or two ahead (but not past 5 AM the next day) OR simply wait it out. Shooting stars appear on clear nights, so don’t wait around too long for them to appear if you’re seeing clouds. Sometimes the sky will clear up and you’ll be back on track; other times, you’re SOL. It happens!

And then there are times when you’re just minding your own business when — suddenly — you hear the shooting star noises! Start wishing away and feel free to search for that owl, but there are cases where Celeste won’t show up at all. Again — it happens!

After wishing your heart out and possibly snagging a celestial DIY, have a good night’s rest. There’s nothing more to do that evening except wait eagerly for morning to break. After awaking, head to the beaches to comb for star fragments, large star fragments, and (hopefully) astrology fragments!

Star fragments are the most likely to be found on the beaches, with large star fragments only showing up 5% of the time. Even rarer are astrology fragments, such as Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio fragments, which only appear during their sign’s time period. At the time of this writing, it’s Taurus season, so those are the only astrology fragments that will show up on the beaches until May 20.

If you don’t see any fragments at first, collect all shells and come back later. They spawn periodically throughout the day, and there’s no indication that the amount of wishes you’ve made correlates to the amount of fragments you’ll find, so don’t fret too much if you feel like you didn’t wish enough. Checking back in-between terraforming bursts or your dailies is all you should need to snag a few fragments.

Collected all your fragments? Good — now it’s time to start crafting! Check out the next page for a list of Celeste’s DIYs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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