May Day Guide: Rover, Mazes, Bell Vouchers, and More! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

Free money!
may day guide

Who’s up for an a-maze-ing May Day? To celebrate all your hard work, friendly ol’ Tom Nook’s gifted you a free May Day ticket for a trip to…another exotic island? As Isabelle points out in her morning announcement, that may seem a little redundant, but there’s exclusive furniture AND some free Bell Vouchers in it for you! Our May Day guide below has all the deets on the relevant dates involved, how to redeem your ticket, the maze you’ll have to solve, and a familiar face awaiting you at the end.

So, About My Ticket…

may day guide

You’ll receive your free May Day ticket anytime from May 1st to May 7th by chatting up Nook at Resident services; sadly, your May Day trip’s only available once, so you’ll want to make the most of it! Regardless, you’ll redeem your ticket simply by heading over to the Dodo Airlines airport and request a May Day tour. Just letting you know up front: they’ll temporarily confiscate your goods, but you’ll get ’em back after the tour’s finished.

May Maze Merriment

may day guide

Once you’ve landed, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with an island maze. As you might’ve gleaned from the above screenshot, you’ll need to apply your wits with free tools, DIY crafting, and super-powered fruits to reach the end; however, to reap every last one of this labyrinth’s rewards requires impeccable use of your tools and fruit-gobbling, as a carefully-planned route can earn you up to $30,000 in Bell Vouchers! As each maze is randomized, we can’t give you an exact layout, so heed our tips below:

  • Don’t waste your fruits! While you’ll undoubtedly chow down on the local produce to exploit their super-strength prowess, not every tree blocking your road should be removed this way.
  • You’ll come across a Worn Axe within the maze — bear in mind it’s only good for one tree, so use it wisely!
  • Memorize the lay of the land. We understand this might be difficult planning your route given all the holes you’ll have to leap over, but plotting out your path will save the day here. Perhaps charting it out on paper might help?
  • In case you’re lost or fudged up your perfect path, chat up Wilbur and he’ll reset the maze for you. He may even give you a hint or two!

may day guide

Remember: even if you miss out on the hidden six Bell Vouchers, you’ll guaranteed to earn four (that’s $12,000 Bells) at the very end. Regardless, an old friend awaits at the maze’s end: Rover, your persistent stalker the train-faring cat from the very first Animal Crossing! After you two catch up, he’ll grant you a reward in Rover’s Briefcase; okay, weird gift, but it’s one-of-a-kind. (That, and there’s quite a few fun references plastered upon it!) Both your vouchers and new briefcase will be mailed straight home — how you utilize them is up to you!

And that’s all we have to share regarding May Day. Be sure to check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub!


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