How to Obtain Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Best Item: The Gotterdammerung

The Gotterdammerung allows one to enter the battle with a full limit break gauge.

What’s definitely the most broken and overpowered item in the game, The Gotterdammerung is attainable only after finishing the game’s most difficult in-game battle challenges. It is also — for those familiar with Final Fantasy VII and its Nordic themes — the German translation for the word: Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is, of course, a final Fantasy staple item in many of the games. To attain the legendary item, one needs to accomplish four specific things, the last of which is easily the most difficult:

  1. Beat the FF7 Remake in normal mode.
  2. Complete all Corneo Colosseum challenges in Chapters 9 and 14.
  3. Complete all VR Combat Simulator challenges at Shinra HQ in Chapter 16.
  4. Replay Chapter 17 on Hard mode. Progress through Shinra HQ until you meet Chadley. There, you’ll then have the new VR Combat Simulator challenges.


TIP: You can always lower the battle difficulty after beginning your ‘Hard’ mode chapter. The game does not penalize you in any way for doing this.

For part four of the above, you’ll have to select the ‘Three-person Team Vs. Top Secrets’ final battle VR Challenge. This is easily the most challenging section of the game where you’re tasked to defeat several of the most powerful in-game summons and then a special secret enemy in this order:

  1. Shiva
  2. Fat Chocobo
  3. Leviathan
  4. Bahamut
  5. Pride and Joy

Defeating pride and joy is necessary to attain the Gotterdammerung

Now, Pride and Joy in itself is slow and not necessarily difficult to stagger. The real challenge is getting all the way through to Leviathan, Somehow defeating Bahamut (who can nearly one-shot the whole team with Mega Flare), and then somehow still have enough left to overcome Pride and Joy. Mind you; it also has devastating attacks that can nearly one-shot KO the team.

At this point, you should be maxed out at level (50). You should also use the best of everything you’ve collected in-game as this is easily the most challenging battle and the sole reason to collect all those rare items and Materias. I’d emphasize your best techniques along with character switching, stat boost materia (especially HP UP), and Prayer for healing.

Just use your best attack strategy and play as hard as you can.

For a closer look at the game, be sure to check out our Final Fantasy VII Review here.





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