Six Mini-Game Tips in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Here Are a Couple Tips to beat some of the toughest Mini-Games



Final Fantasy VII is full of surprises, including side quests, cut scenes, and details galore. What’s especially interesting about the remake is just how many surprising mini-games it has. Below are some quick tips for the game’s most notable ones.


Final Fantasy VII Mini-Game: Darts


For this quest, it’s all about keeping the thumbs loose on both sticks and then readying for the accuracy bonus when the window is smallest. You get two chances every round to easily hit the bullseye.


Final Fantasy VII Mini-Game: Biker Boy Challenge


For this achievement trophy, replay the Bike battle level and simply get through the challenge while losing no more than 25% of your HP. To make it more manageable, lower the difficulty to Easy beforehand for a much easier battle.


Final Fantasy VII Mini-Game: Whack-A-Box


Honestly, this one you should be able to accomplish by pure gumption, as you’ll need to redo this many times over anyway to farm Moogle Medals for the Moogle store. Always aim for the time extensions if you can, and for the 1000 point big blocks, I always used punisher or Braver as it’s easy to aim the spread.


Final Fantasy VII Mini-Game: Dance Off


For this one, just try and stay focused. Get 10 Greats on the practice dance to unlock a music disk. If you get 20+ greats on the actual dance, you’ll receive Andrea’s Earrings.

HINT: Andrea’s Earrings are just an item trophy and not used for anything.


Final Fantasy VII Mini-Game: Squats


This one is very reminiscent of the original Squat Challenge in FF7. Just follow the input commands, and as the instructions start to fade, keep the rhythm and focus at Cloud’s body and the small milliseconds where he turns stiff and pauses.

Hit the command buttons at that moment. If you would like, raise your thumb 90 degrees upward then bring it down as the timing sort of matches. Eventually, the speed picks up to the point where you won’t even need to pause.


Final Fantasy VII Mini-Game: Pull-Ups


At first, this task is easy, and the game gives you a false sense of confidence until you have to face Jules. Then it becomes a nightmare.

The key to this is to just focus on the timing. Head into audio settings and turn down in the music and dialogue, while setting sound effects all the way up. From here, try and use your internal metronome and focus in on a rhythm. If you can accomplish 22 or more on your first round, you should be fine so long as you don’t fail. Drop even once and you should just quit and redo the challenge as you lose too much time.

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A screenplay and comic book writer who grew up on playing everything Blizzard and Final Fantasy, Christian is a part-time entertainment journalist who covers just about everything. He loves attending conventions, meeting fellow creatives, and of course, gaming. You can follow him on

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