Art Museum Upgrade: Meeting Redd, Obtaining Art, and More! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

Watch for fake paintings!
art museum new horizons

While you’ve undoubtedly been populating your Animal Crossing: New Horizons museum with fossils, fish, and bugs, we’ve all been longing to add some artistic flair to our islands’ cultural hotspot. Never fear, as the black market’s arrived to save the day! Should you have installed the 1.2.0 update, you’ll have the chance to add an art wing thanks to the kooky Red — a foxy dealer who’s moved his underground business to the high seas. The ensuing process of haggling, renovation, and art-spotting takes course over a period of days, so follow our guide below to enjoy your new museum wing ASAP!

Blathers’ Announcement

art museum new horizons

Once you’ve downloaded the update, zip over the Museum and have a chat with Blathers; there, he’ll announce his plans to add an art wing to the Museum, but he’ll need at least one valuable piece of artwork before starting the renovation process. You’ll have to wait until next morning to get on that, but obviously, you’ll need an actual museum before even thinking of undertaking this upgrade, so click here if you’re just starting out.

Enter Redd

art museum new horizons

You’ll know Redd’s arrived when Isabelle’s morning announcement warns you of a shady dealer prowling the island; naturally, you must ignore her advice and seek the rascal out! Once located near the plaza, Redd’ll butter you up and initiate his sale pitch for one expensive painting. (As seen above, I was offered a “quaint painting”, but he’ll randomly offer you any one piece of art) Even if you’ve gained a tremendous amount of Bells from villager trafficking, you’ll probably want to save that money for future endeavors, so turn down his exorbitant first offer and settle for the subsequent 4,980 Bells. Now, make like a fish-hunting CJ and deliver that painting pronto to Blathers — he’ll begin work on the art wing, but it won’t be finished until two days later, so you’ll have no choice but to wait. (Or if you time travel; hey, we’re not judging…)

How to (Cautiously) Appreciate High Art

art museum new horizons

You’ll find the art wing up beyond the stairs just behind Blathers — quite the fancy set-up, no? As you’ve likely deduced, all art displayed are culled from the public domain; for instance, my quaint painting above is none other than Johannes Vermeer’s The Milkmaid — a masterpiece from 1658. As it happens, each individual work’s accompanied by a brief blurb entailing their respective histories and impeccable design, so your scenic tours are supplemented with some fun brain food!

Of course, you’ll want to expand your collection, but where to start searching? By sheer coincidence, Redd opens up his new Jolly Redd’s Trawler establishment on the very same day — arriving by sea during irregular intervals, this seafaring shop’s hidden waaaaaay back at the tiny beach at the island’s far north; however, you’ll need to chat up Redd again first before you can board. Once that’s settled, head inside his shady boat to browse an assortment of rare furniture and exclusive paintings.

art museum new horizons

But beware! As always, Redd’s shady connections includes fake reproductions as well, and since a) Blathers refuses to accepts any counterfeits and b) Redd only allows one art purchase per visit, you could potentially waste money! Thankfully, the counterfeiters are sloppy in their reproduction, as their forgeries always feature distinct differences; for instance, a fake Mona Lisa will feature prominent, bushy eyebrows. In the event your artistic eye’s failing you, while we’ve yet to produce our own fake-spotting guide, Polygon’s guide has what you’re looking for.

Remember: you don’t have to rely on Redd’s infrequent visits to obtain art, as the online community’s more than willing to share their hoard. (Just make sure to review your Online Play Practices.) In the meantime, check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons hub guide!

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