Nature Day Guide: Leif, Shrubs, and Nook Miles Rewards! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

Who’s ready for a happy Nature Day?
nature day guide

With update 1.2.0 brings the spirit of Earth Day to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, albeit under the name “Nature Day.” While hardly as pervasive as the egg-infested Bunny Day, Nature Day commands you respect your Mother Earth by cleaning up weeds and planting shrubs. Well, okay, you’re not commanded, but those ever-so-tempting Nook Miles tickets might just entice you into going green. For a period of two weeks — that’s April 23rd to May 4th — you’ll be tasked with special Nook Miles rewards that’ll grant an extra surplus of tickets, so get ready to hone that green thumb!

Becoming One With Nature — The Nook Miles Rewards Way

nature day guide

Before we begin entailing what the Nature Day-themed Nook Miles Tickets actually are, it’s imperative to note they’re only available for Nook Miles+ members. In case you’ve forgotten, Nook Miles+ is the name for the daily Nook Miles challenges, which you unlock after paying off your initial 5,000 Nook Miles Ticket loan and upgrade from a tent to a brick home. So long as you’ve done all that, you’re good to go!

In the likely event you’ve already accomplished all that, though, simply scan your Nook Miles+ challenges and note the sapling-accompanied task as seen above; once every day during Nature Day’s tw0-week period, the promoted nature-themed challenge will provide a 5x bonus upon completion. If you’ve found yourself falling behind in your Nook Miles savings, it goes without saying Nature Day’s a prime chance to catch up!

As for what sorts of challenges Nature Day offers, these can range from anything from planting shrubs/flowers/trees, watering plants, adorning furniture with flowers, moving trees, wearing flowers, or crafting plant-related items. Bear in mind, however, that each task varies in rewards, so not every challenge will offer a base value of 200 like our shrub example in the header.

Over the Hedge

nature day guide

For completing any one, Tom Nook will reward you with a new recipe: a hedge! Operating much in the same manner as a fence, anyone seeking to construct a fancy villa should seek to hoard some necessary weeds for crafting. By the way, crafting each hedge grants ten individual specimens, and they’ll take time to grow.

Welcoming Leif


Leif — New Leaf‘s familiar flower-tending sloth who most assuredly won’t murder you in your sleep — makes his New Horizons debut just in time for Nature Day. While Leif’s irregular town square peddling isn’t exclusive to the holiday, he’s indispensable to your Nature Day Nook Miles Tickets, so now’s as good a time to go over his wares. Just like before, Leif will offer a variety of greenery for you to decorate your island; for instance, my lovely island of Moonrise was subject to a variety of shrubs (Pink-azalea, White-azalea, Pink-camellia, and Red-camellia) and flowers. (Red-mum, Red-rose, White-mum, White-rose, Yellow-rose, Yellow-Mum) As it happens, this marks the first time New Horizons offers flower-adorned shrubs, so Leif’s store is a must for anyone looking to beautify their island. (Or even just collecting Nook Miles Rewards, as planting shrubs will fill up your new Shrubbery Hubbubery category.)

Additionally, Leif will take any weeds off your hands for a special price of 20 Bells a pop. (That’s double the price at Nook’s Cranny, which offers 10 Bells) Anyone who’s been busy weeding their islands or hoarding weeds for DIY recipes might not have enough to go around, so we recommend taking advantage of your Nook Miles Ticket island trips and collecting any and all weeds. As seen above, even collecting 50 will only offer a thousand bells, but hey, every little bit helps!

nature day guide

And that’s it for Nature Day! In the meantime, check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub here!

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