Collectible Compass Locations (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Let this guide help point you in the right direction for finding all of the compasses in Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories.


As you explore Hisui City, you’ll come across a wide variety of crazy compasses you can collect, ranging from space ships lifted straight out of iconic horizontal shooters, to anime girls and even towering burgers.

Below you’ll find a list of many of the Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories’ compasses and where you can find them:


Ballerina Compass: Found in the storeroom of the convenience store in Nadeshiko Canal.


Circle Compass: Located in the pool area of the gym in Kuchinashi Elementary Evacuation Shelter, past the bathrooms and changing rooms.


Chigogen Compass: This cool, mech-themed compass is found behind the Garbera Bridge Rest Area.


Faucet Compass: This compass can be found on a counter in the bathhouse located at Housenka Shopping Street.


Fighter Aircraft Compass: Modeled after the Leo from R-Type, this compass is located on a desk in the Kerberos building located on Entire Kakitasubata Main Street, just past the receptionist.


Firefighter Compass: Found in the ruins of the burned-out hotel at Ajisai Crossing. You won’t be able to access the hotel until Ajisai Crossing 3rd Visit.


Four Leaf Compass: Sitting in the grass between two bushes on the north side of Asagao Crossing, just past the elevated crosswalk.


GZ Burger Compass: This delicious looking compass is resting on a table in the second-floor of the burger joint on Housenka Shopping Street.


Honoka FutabaCompass: This cute compass is found on the catwalks of the ship in Hozuki Airport, just past the crate where you collect the Detonation Circuit.


Lantern Festival Compass: Found in the debris of a destroyed house on Yagaruma Shopping Street. Go down the alley past Koi and turn right then left at the end of the street to find the compass.


Manga Kakeru Compass: Look behind a wrecked truck on the eastmost side of In Front of Enishida Station to find this compass.


Manga Kakuyo Compass: This compass is located in the middle of the bookstore in Himawaricho.


Musical Conductor Compass: Located inside the Vestola building on Kakitsubata Main Street. Enter under the shutters and you’ll find this compass sitting on a bench at the end of the corridor to the right.


Mystery Compass: Found on the second floor of the department store in Suiren Park, just past the fitting rooms.


Pudding a-la Mode Compass: This compass is sitting on the ground near the subway entrance at the northwest corner of Azami Station.


Radio Compass: Sitting on a table in the first floor offices of the office building in Nadeshiko Canal. You won’t be able to access this room until the floor collapses in the second-floor office though.


Rain Cloud Compass: Found on the veranda of Apartment A 405 of the Enishida Apartments.


Shortcake Compass: This compass is sitting on the dessert table in the White Shirts’ headquarters at Azami Station.


Surfer Compass: You can find this compass in one of the offices in the rear of the Jewelry Store in Ajisai Crossing.


Sushi Compass: Located in the back of a box truck near the eastmost entrance of Suiren Park. This compass can only be found after the 2nd visit to the area.


Swordfish Compass: This compass can be found in the storeroom of the convenience store on Entire Kakitsubata Main Street.


Umbrella Compass: Found on the rooftop of the Ferry Terminal in Hamayu Pier.


Happy hunting!

Did we miss anything? If so, let us know and we’ll add your finds to the list above.


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