How to Open the Able Sisters’ Tailor Store (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

Time to get sewrious.
able sisters

Sure, a grand ol’ museum on your deserted island may be a killer tourist attraction, but at the heart of Animal Crossing is your ability to customize anything and everything; to that end, why not establish another tourist trap selling exotic clothes? The hedgehog Able Sisters are back, and Mabel and Sabel need your help to turn your island into a fashion fiesta. Our guide below entails the construction process to catwalk stardom.


As you may’ve already deduced, several other projects must be completed before you can even think of realizing your fashion dreams; namely, the Museum and Nook’s Cranny. Once both are complete, simply waltz into the latter to find Mabel — that’s the blue hedgehog — chatting it up with Timmy and Tommy Nook; as it happens, the Able Sisters are old friends of the Nooks, and Mabel’s willing to spruce up the island’s economy with their stylish outfits.

Mabel’s Stand

able sisters

You won’t have to wait long for Mabel to make good on her promise: she’ll pop up in the Town Square two days later with her very own clothing stand. Her selection may be sparse, but while she’ll only pop in a couple times a week, you’ll want to make the most of her visits, as an actual Able Sisters establishment depends on your patronage. While information fluctuates on how exactly to make the next step — some say it’s purchasing five articles of clothing; others claim it’s forking over at least 5,000 Bells — we can confirm it only takes at least two visits, so spend away while you can!

Mabel becomes convinced of your island’s fashion future by the third visit (supposing you’ve followed our timeline, anyway), but she’ll need some landscaping assistance first; in other words, you gotta choose a location! Obviously, that’s subject to your discretion, so once she hands over the construction kit, plot wherever you’d like; remember, if you’re ultimately not satisfied with your location, you can move it anytime!

Open for Business!

able sisters

The Able Sisters will open their permanent location a mere two days later; naturally, there’s more dress-up features then ever, so here’s a  handy reference list:

  • Check out the handy-dandy fitting room to your right, where you can mix-and-match clothing of all sorts. As opposed to previous games, the daily apparel selection is exponentially bigger thanks to this feature, so make the most of it! (Oh, and by the way, whatever you buy in here gets instantly shipped to your indoor storage.)
  • As always, you can hang up your own custom designs in the back; with luck, your local villagers could be wearing. (Or, I dunno, that stupid Shrek meme you found online.) For Animal Crossing newcomers, we’ll provide a custom design guide in the near future, so stay tuned!
  • Should you have internet access and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you can utilize the Custom Designs Portal at the kiosk in the back; there, you can look up designs/creators by inputting their respective IDs. We’ll also have a guide on this on the near future, but in the meantime, why don’t you check out some killer designs here?
  • See that lonely brown hedgehog in the back? That’s Sabel; just like always, she’s too busy sewing away to hold a full conversation, but rumor has it a persistent Island Representative may gain access to special patterns should they insist on befriending her…
  • It’s open from 9 to 9, so plan your time accordingly!


Kicks and Sabel

able sisters

By the way, two other familiar faces will stop dropping by once the Able Sisters open up — Kicks the skunk and Label the hedgehog. Each will drop by the Town Square weekly to sell their respective clothing-related wares, although the latter requests you complete a rigorous wardrobe challenge to access her deluxe clothing. We’ll have more on that in the future, but this guide should suffice.

That’s It!

able sisters

Yes, that’s my Villager avatar posing seductively in his undies. While you’re busy scrubbing your eyes, why not check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub?

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