Hozuki Airport (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Hozuki Airport Walkthrough


This is it, the final chapter. Are you ready to finally wrap things up and get out of this crazy city?

When you disembark the truck, you’ll discover this was never a rescue operation at all. You and your friends have been duped by a gang of human traffickers being lead by Tomoya himself, and the old lady from Suiren Park, who he claimed was his teacher’s wife, Mrs. Maeda.

Once you’re in control, you’ll find yourself once again tied up. Crawl out the small opening behind you and use the save point on the ship’s stern.

After you save your game, continue scooting down the corridor and enter the first door on the right where you’ll find the world’s most conveniently placed tape holder, which you can use to free yourself from your restraints.

When you’ve managed to free yourself, continue down the hall. In the next room, you’ll find a box filled to the brim with sticks of dynamite. When you interact with it, choose to think for a bit, then select the option, “I wish I had something like a detonator.”

Disaster Report 4, Ship

Boom goes the dynamite.


To craft a remote detonator to bring down the ship, you’ll need to gather the following items:


  • Cord
  • Circuit
  • Clock


Lucky for you, you won’t have to venture too far to find what you need. There’s a box of wires right behind you. Go get yourself a Cord, tiger!

After you get the cord, go up the stairs and climb the ladder in the next room. You’ll find a crate loaded with circuits on the catwalk. Pick it up to receive the Detonation Circuit.

Now, all we need is the clock. Before you go up the ladder to the next floor, continue past it, and you’ll find a Honoka Futaba Compass on the ground.

With that cutest of compasses now in your collection, climb up the ladder and proceed to the next area. At the top of the ladder, you’ll find a Clock – the final piece of your do-it-yourself detonator. Whatever you do, do not wander ahead any further than the clock at the top of the ladder. A couple of traffickers are playing cards just offscreen who will shoot you dead on sight. If that happens, you’ll be forced to redo everything you’ve done on the ship all over again. If you’re reading this guide, then you probably don’t have time for that mess, right?


Disaster Report 4

These guys have itchy trigger fingers, so don’t wander far from the ladder.


Before you head back downstairs to start the fireworks show, turn around and approach the wall near the ladder near the four windows to trigger a cutscene where you’ll overhear the ringleader Mrs. Maeda talking to ‘Tomoya,’ who it turns out is named Keith. I knew I never liked Keiths for a reason. Waynes, too, but I digress.

Now that you have all the components you need, open tour inventory and select one of the bomb-making parts, and press X to assemble the Remote Detonator.

Now that you have everything you need to end this, return to the crate loaded with dynamite and set the detonator. When you do, everyone will flee the cargo hold in a panic, somehow miraculously free of the restraints that were binding them moments ago, because video games, I guess.

Disaster Report 4

Story of my life, man. Story of my life.


Make your way back up the ladder and exit through the metal door. Run to Kanae, and the ship will explode, putting you on the dock with the remaining captives, Mrs. Maeda, and Keith/Tomoya. And with that, you’ve done it. Sit back and enjoy the show – you deserve it, you hero, you.

After the credits roll, don’t forget to save your game again so that you can access the Disaster Report 4’s Epilogue Chapter from the title screen, which takes place five months following the events of the game’s story.

For more on the game, be sure to read our full Disaster Report 4 review. And of course, stay tuned to Hey Poor Player for more guides for your favorite games in the future.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need a drink or three.



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