Housenka Shopping Street (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Housenka Shopping Street Walkthrough

Disaster Report 4, Housenka Shopping Street guide


When you arrive at Housenka Shopping Street, you’ll find the area has been completely devastated by fires.

After speaking to the okonomiyaki shop woman you encounter at the start of the chapter, you’ll find a shop to your right. Ignore it for the time being, as you’re unable to buy anything, and there’s no bathroom to use or items to buy. Instead, head east, and you’ll run into Tomoya, who you last saw in Suiren Park with Kanae. He’s here to help the people of Housenka Shopping Street who’ve been impacted by the blaze while Kanae stayed behind at Suiren Park to volunteer.

After the cutscene ends, enter the burned-out bathhouse on the left and search the counter to find the Faucet Compass, then leave and head east through the destroyed houses, and you’ll find a man wearing a red shirt. Talk to him, and he’ll buy anything you’re looking to clear out of your inventory.

After you’re done dealing with him, look around, and you’ll see a gate in front of the man leading to a garden. When you try to enter, you’ll be greeted by a woman who tells you that children are paying their respects to victims of the fire and ask that you return another time.

Disaster Report 4 guide

To access Housenken Shopping Street East, you’ll need to find some Memorial Flowers for the mourning orphans.

Ask to join in the prayers. When the woman declines your offer, a child will approach her and you’ll learn that they need Memorial Flowers for the ceremony. Offer to collect some to help the orphans pay their respects to their lost loved ones.

Now, head back towards the convenience store near the entrance. You’ll find the Flower Shop Woman kneeling in the debris next to the shop. She’ll tell you there should be some Memorial Flowers near the river that you can see if you look north from the parapet by the river.

Enter the convenience store and exit through the loading dock doors in the rear of the store. If you ask the Sweaty Store Clerk how to get to the river, she’ll tell you it used to be accessible from the back room of the shop but that it’s currently blocked by clutter. She’ll suggest you head to the snack bar, Madoka instead.

Now, go next door to where you spoke to the flower shop lady. Go around the left side of the building she’s kneeling in front of and try to enter the snack bar door. Unfortunately, you’ll find it’s locked. To get inside, you’ll need to get the key from the owner who lives behind the okonomiyaki restaurant.

You’ll find the restaurant owner, Plucky Woman, standing on a pile of debris directly north of the save point to the entrance of the area. Talk to her. Before she gives you her key, she asks that you cheer up the owner of the barbershop. The owner of the barbershop can be found just east of Tomoya on the main road near the utility pole blocking the way. The only thing that will cheer him up is if you can find his scissors, which he says he lost in the first earthquake.

To find his trusty snippers, to the convenience store and talk to the clerk at the counter. She’ll tell you she believes the woman from the okonomiyaki shop (the first person you encountered near the save point when you got here) found something thin and metallic. Exit the shop and talk to her, and she’ll give you the Barber’s Scissors to return to the barbershop owner, and he’ll reward you with 10,000 yen.

Now that you’re done with that, it’s time to return to the owner of the Okonomiyaki shop to get the key to Madoka Key for the Snack Bar.

Disaster Report 4 Housenken Shopping District Guide

‘You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky?

With the key now in your possession, return to Madoka and enter through the rear door using the key. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by the scary-looking man from Suiren Park who is pursuing Tomoya. After he asks if you’ve seen Tomoya, he’ll leave.

When he’s gone, proceed to the bar from the back room and use the bathroom if you need to. Then exit through the bar’s front door and continue past the supermarket back door to reach the embankment that leads to the river.

Disaster Report 4

The flowers are resting on a small ledge in the river. Don’t forget to grab the nearby Guitar Backpack before you go.

Make your way through the water, and you’ll find a pot with Memorial Flowers. Before you head back to the orphanage gate, continue North up the river to find a Guitar Backpack (storage 40) in the water near the grate. Now that you have the flowers return to the orphanage gate.

After the ceremony, the landlord will bust in and cause a scene. If you offer to pay the orphanage’s back rent, the landlord will take all of your money but still demand they leave. However, you will get 40 Moral Points as a reward.

From here, exit the wooden doors in the garden. For some easy Moral Points, leave an offering of cash in the orphanage mailbox before moving on, then continue south to reach Housenka Shopping Street East and save your game.

Past the save point a man is selling a wide variety of tasty udon:

  • Kake Udon: $280
  • Tsukumi Udon: $340
  • Tempura Udon: $400
  • Kayaku Udon: $450
  • Tamago Udon: $340


After you’re done soup shopping, continue down the road until you encounter a woman with a blue dress, then turn right and right again. Continue straight until you find Danny, the exchange student from the elementary school. He’s in bad shape. You can offer to bring him water, medicine, or a doctor. Unfortunately, if you speak to the nurses at the ambulance near the exit of the Housenka Shopping Street, they won’t offer any help. Rude!

Disaster Report Burger Compass Housenka Shopping Street

The GZ Burger Compass gives you the kind of direction you can taste.

Ok, time to get ready to exit the area. But before you do, there are a few more goodies you can add to your collection. Leave Danny and return to the main street. At the intersection, you’ll see a bowling alley on your right and a burger restaurant on the left. Go upstairs and look on the table in the corner where you’ll find a GZ Burger Compass. After you have that succulent stack in your possession, exit the restaurant and head right to the fire engines. On the two trucks, you’ll find the Firefighter Helmet, Firefighter Gloves, and Firefighter Uniform.

Now, run alongside the bowling alley past the child and enter the back room. Crawling in one of the machines will grant you access to the inside of the building where you can find a Shoulder Bag (40 slots). (Thanks again, Odin! – Ed.)

Now that you have all of the collectibles, it’s time to leave. To reach the next area, just walk down the highway.

In the next part of our Disaster Report 4 guide, we’ll walk you through Suiren Park 3rd Visit.



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